Seven Things We Love About the Kia e-Niro

14 Oct 2019 by Lisa Simm

Impressing critics and customers alike the e-Niro is paving the way for an electric motoring future. Winner of 2019 What Car? Car of the Year, the first-ever electric car to win the accolade, we thought we’d share why we think it’s so special.

1. Phenomenal Range

With a range only matched by high-end electric cars, it is hardly surprising that it is the first thing mentioned in things to love about the Kia e-Niro.

The 64kWh battery has an official WLTP range of 282 miles, with a more real-world range of 250 miles. Even at 250 miles, the e-Niro offers a practical range that will banish range anxiety. It is capable of covering most people’s weekly commute with a single charge, while also offering the practicality to tackle longer journeys.

In the real world, we’ve calculated 250-miles equates to travelling from our Head Office in Thorne, Doncaster all the way down to Brighton on the South Coast.   

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Kia e-Niro electric car

2. Easy to Charge

When you do finally need to charge up your e-Niro, it’s an absolute doddle. The charging port is located at the front of the car behind a solid bent-free panel, so is easy 

Charging using the domestic socket is extremely slow, with a full top-up taking around 30 hours. While not ideal day-to-day, it won’t be an issue for weekend charging.

Use a 7.2kWh charger (home wall-box or public charge point), and it will fully charge the battery in as little as nine hours, making it ideal for overnight.

For even quicker charging, the e-Niro is also compatible with both a 50kWh rapid charger and a 100kWh supercharger. Using the 50kWh rapid charger (the type most usually found at service stations) 80% charge is possible in 75minutes. While a 100kWh charger manages the same feat in less than an hour.

The battery and electric motor are both covered by Kia’s seven-year/100,000-mile warranty. This offers reassurance to anyone worried about how long an electric car’s battery will last.  

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3. Great to Drive

Comfortable and refined performance with neat handling, the e-Niro is a joy to drive. As with many electric cars, the e-Niro is nippy when setting off and pulling away, but unlike other electric cars, the e-Niro manages to hold onto this power once on the move building speed well with no waiting for revs to rise before maximum performance delivered. The pedals respond consistently to pressure, making it easy to accelerate and decelerate with ease.

Pleasantly weighted steering ensures the e-Niro changes direction keenly. Despite its large size it corners well managing to stay upright and well-placed on the road.

easy to charge e niro

4. Space to Relax

On board, the e-Niro continues to impress with its outstanding quality and comfort. The high roofline offers impressive headroom throughout, while clever use of all available space ensures that while not a massive car, the e-Niro offers plenty of on-board space. It beats its similarly sized rivals hands down when it comes to the practical space you need for family life.

Overall dimensions of the Kia e-Niro = 4,375mm long, 1,805mm wide and 1,570mm tall

5. High-Tech Interior

Long journeys are a whole lot easier thanks to a high-tech interior which puts everything right where you need it. The advanced eight-inch touchscreen infotainment comes with a DAB radio, Bluetooth and satnav. Plus since it is compatible with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, you can hook up your phone and use some of your favourite apps on the move. While a wireless phone charger ensures you stay charged up and connected no matter what.   

The satnav is available as a linked-up navigation system that can analyse your route and make recommendations on when to lift your foot off the pedal to help you maximise your range. While Kia’s connected services show you charging points along your route and at your destination, making it easier to keep charge topped up.

kia e-niro interior

6. A Safer Commute

Kia has thought of it all when it comes to safety. It comes with fairly standard features, like seven airbags and Isofix child seat mounts as standard, as well as more advanced technologies

An impressive host of driver assistance includes autonomous emergency braking, which helps to prevent accidents occurring in the first instance. While lane-keeping assistance and adaptive cruise control help you achieve a more hassle-free and seamless commute.

7. Ready For Family Life

Not only does the e-Niro prove that electric motoring is the future, but it also shows just how practical electric cars can be. Despite needing to house batteries the e-Niro has a larger boot than the hybrid Niro versions, offering 451-litres of space. With virtually no load lip and a usefully square shape loading is a doddle.  

The 60/40 split-folding rear seats fold virtually flat to increase load space to a whopping 1,405-litres, so carrying bulkier items like flat-pack furniture isn’t a problem. While roof rails enable you to attach a range of roof accessories increasing its versatility and making it great for road trips.

On top of that, the Kia e-Niro has a host of convenience boosting technology like keyless entry which enables easy access even if your hands are full.

kia e niro back seat

Find Your New Kia e-Niro

If you’re not already blown away by the impressive features offered by the Kia e-Niro, we think the price will soon sway you. A fraction of the cost of cars with a comparative electric range, the Kia e-Niro is great value-for-money. Why not check out the latest deals by exploring new Kia e-Niro models. 

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