Mazda MX-30 – A new take on electric motoring

Mazda has announced details on its first mass-production electric model, the Mazda MX-30. With a 130-mile range and no compromise on handling or performance, the MX-30 offers a unique take on electric motoring.

A Fresh Approach from Mazda

Shaking up the electric vehicle market, the Mazda MX-30 features more conventionally-fuelled characteristics than many other electric models available. Mazda’s unique take on electric power features less regenerative braking, eschewing the one-pedal driving adopted by other marques. Meanwhile, helping to boost the feeling of traditional combustion-power, artificial sounds fill the cabin as the driver applies torque.

A Charge to Suit

The new Mazda MX-30 comes with a Type 2 charging cable and a socket for 50kW rapid charging points as standard. The latter is capable of boosting the battery by 80% in as little as 30 to 40 minutes. So you can quickly boost your range on longer journeys.

Mazda MX-30 on charge

Environmentally Conscious

Another way in which Mazda has strayed from the crowd is in its range. At just 130-mile it falls short of many models already on the market, but bear with us as there is a good reason for it. In fact, Mazda has purposefully chosen a smaller 35.5kWh battery because it produces fewer life-cycle emissions than a petrol-powered Mazda 3. So not only do you produce fewer tailpipe emissions, but the car over its entire lifetime is less damaging to the environment.

Since most UK drivers don’t cover more than 35-miles daily, the MX-30 still offers exceptional day-to-day practicality while offering next-level sustainability.

Other sustainable swaps include a vegan alternative to leather seats, which not only boosts eco-credentials but widens the appeal of the model as more people make conscious choices. Plus Mazda makes use of cork left over from the production of bottle stops in the storage spaces and door grips of the new MX-30.

interior view of car showing cork detailing

A New Platform

The Mazda MX-30 sits on a platform derived from the new architecture used on the Mazda 3 and CX-30. However, the MX-30 features increased ring structures around the battery and floor to ensure a stiffer, faster-reacting body. It also comes with an enhanced version of Mazda’s G-vectoring control system e-GVC Plus for more minute torque control.

Specifications to Suit

Mazda has released details on the trim range for the brand new MX-30 model, so now it’s time to dive into what each specific variant has to offer:

Mazda MX-30 SE-L Lux

First up the MX-30 SE-L Lux will be the base model and come with 18-inch alloys and LED headlights as standard. Interior features include a Head-Up Display with traffic sign assistance and an 8.8-inch touchscreen display with satnav and Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility. For ease of use, while not detracting from the overall design, it also features a seven-inch climate touchscreen.

That’s not all though, as the base model also comes extensively equipped with driver assistance functions to improve safety. As well as radar cruise control comes the likes of rear-cross traffic alert and emergency lane keeping with blind-spot assistance.

front view of MX-30

MX-30 First Edition

First Edition is a more exclusive option with just 500 coming to the UK in the first batch of deliveries, it is ideal for those looking for a vehicle that really stands out. As well as new colour options you gain the convenience of adaptive LED headlights, orange and stone leatherette interior and eight-way adjustable heated front seats.

Mazda MX-30 Sport Lux

The Sport Lux variant will fill the void left by the more exclusive First Edition model. Unique in its own right it offers customers the choice of a three-tone paint design. So is sure to be popular with those looking to make their mark on their new vehicle.

MX-30 GT Sport Tech

The range-topping option, the Mazda MX-30 GT Sport Tech brings further luxuries like a power and tilt sunroof which boosts on-board ambience. Meanwhile, a 360-degree rear-view camera boosts confidence when manoeuvring and the 12-speaker Bose sound system offers a more immersive sound experience.

MX-30 rear view

What’s in a Name?

Many rival brands have lavished eco-friendly derivatives on their electric models, but again Mazda has chosen to take a fresh approach. Instead, opting for the ‘MX’ nomenclature which has previously used on Mazda models which challenge assumptions, like the understated yet beloved MX-5.

Do you dare to Do Things Differently?

If Mazda’s fresh approach to electric motoring has sparked your curiosity, we recommend you register your interest with your local Stoneacre Mazda dealership. With deliveries expected towards the end of March 2021, there’s not long to wait to experience Mazda’s take on electric motoring first hand.