How much should your car service cost in 2022?

01 Feb 2022 by Mike Thorpe

Typically, you should look to service your car every 6,000-12,000 miles to keep it healthy and problem-free. But with so much variation in the price of a car service, and with plenty of options to service your car, how do you know if you’re getting value for money and not just a cheap service?

So you know what a good service deal looks like, we’ve taken a look at the top search results on Google for car services and averaged the prices to give you an easy guideline on what you should expect from your next car service, what you should expect to pay, and the difference between a cheap service and a value-for-money service.

Let’s first start with the different types of car services available, what affects the cost of these services, and how you should compare car service costs to find the best deal.

Different types of car service

In general, there are 3 different types of service for your car: an interim, full and major service. Each service is recommended at different ‘service intervals‘ for your car, which are set by the age or mileage of the vehicle. Take a look at our comparison between an interim and full service for advice on what you should choose.

A service interval is a recommendation from the manufacturer when to service a car based on how old the vehicle is and how many miles it has been driven. These are scheduled to help maintain your car in its best working condition as it gets older.

  • Interim service – recommended every 6,000 miles or at least every 6 months
  • Full service – recommended every 12,000 miles or at least every 12 months
  • Major service – recommended every 24,000 miles or at least every 24 months

What affects the cost of a car service?

  • Type of service (depending on vehicle mileage & age)
  • Outstanding vehicle warranty
  • Quality of Service
  • Engine size
  • Vehicle make & model
  • Date & time (availability)

Vehicles with an engine size lower than 2.0-litres will generally have cheaper servicing costs. On the other hand, performance cars, electric vehicles and some plug-in hybrids may require more expensive servicing if specialist diagnostic equipment is required.

Cars like the Ford Fiesta and Vauxhall Corsa will be in the lower price brackets for servicing. These cars are widely used and require cheap parts that are readily available. They also tend to not have expensive faults and when they do break down they are generally easier and quicker to fix.

Is your car still under warranty?

For cars that are currently still under warranty, the cost of the service will be fixed and you should follow the recommended service schedule of the manufacturer. In order to maintain the warranty on the car, you must follow the service schedule or you may risk invalidating the warranty if the car isn’t serviced properly. If this applies to your car, you can learn more about servicing and vehicle warranties on our blog.

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How to compare car service prices

The two main factors to consider when looking at car services is the price and the service checklist. A service checklist details all the checks, reports, tests and part replacements that are included in the service. Take a look at our service checklists to see what’s included in each service at Stoneacre.

When comparing services from different providers, you should consider the price in line with what is actually included in the service. This will be the best indicator of value for money.

A service that costs more will not necessarily perform more checks or include certain part replacements as standard. Reading the service checklist (if provided) will give you this information so you know what you are paying for. If you read the service checklist for our full car service, for example, you’ll see that air filters and oil filter replacements, and engine oil, are all included in the service cost. These items may not be included in the cost of a service at other garages. And if you look at our service checklist for a major car service, you’ll see that replacement spark plugs and fuel filters are included in the car service cost too.

Expect to pay a premium for a premium service too. Paying more for a service that has a greater number of vehicle checks and includes the cost of part replacements may actually save you money in the long term, especially if any future breakdowns could have been prevented by a more comprehensive service. More checks mean a better assessment of your vehicle that will reduce the likelihood of breakdowns or part failure.

How much is a car service? – Compare car service prices

We’ve looked at the average price for a car service using the top search results in Google for an interim, full and major service. To receive quotes, we used a 2018 1.2 litre Ford Fiesta Zetec with 32,000 miles on the clock. We’ve also included on average the number of maintenance checks included in each service option.

How much does an oil change cost?

An engine oil and filter change are commonly included in an interim service, but can also be offered as a separate service. The average oil and filter change cost from the top results on Google was £62. Although, this price is likely to be affected by the quality of engine oil your car requires.

How much does an interim car service cost? 

The average cost of an interim service from the top search results on Google was £98, with companies offering on average 35 checks as part of their interim service.

How much does a full car service cost?

The average cost of a full service from the top results in Google was £160. Companies offered on average a total of 54 checks as part of their full service.

How much does a major car service cost?

A major service is not offered by all companies that do full and interim servicing. From the top results on Google that offered major car servicing, the average cost was £221 with an average of 64 checks.

How much is an MOT?

For a class 4 MOT, which is for passenger vehicles with a capacity of 8 passengers, the cost of an MOT is capped by the Government at £54.85. The price of an MOT can vary significantly between garages, with some offering it as low as £20 if booked together with a service. Typically garages at a dealership charge in the region of £54.85.

How much should an MOT and service cost together?

A lot of garages will offer discounts if you book your MOT together with a service. Since your car requires a service every year, it makes sense to get your car serviced and MOT tested at the same time. It will save you multiple trips to the garage and you’ll save money on your MOT too. Even if a discount isn’t offered on your MOT, booking your MOT for the same day of your service is always a good idea to save time if not money.

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How to get the best value from your car service

Servicing is for keeping your car safe to drive by maintaining the condition of its working parts. A service should identify any signs of excessive wear and tear that can cause breakdowns and will also replace parts that are close to faulting or are already faulty.

The quality of service your car receives is going to benefit you for a number of reasons. First and foremost your car is safe to drive, you’ll also avoid costly repairs caused by persistent faults and sudden engine failures, and cars that have a detailed service history generally retain their value a lot better. This means more money in your pocket when you come to sell it or more money off your next car if you part exchange.

When choosing who to service your car, there are a few questions you should consider to determine whether or not you’ll get value for money – don’t always just choose the cheap service first. How much do you charge for a service? What is included in the cost of a service? Do you use genuine automotive parts for repairs? Who will service my car?

Knowing the service checklist will help you determine if the quality of the service offered suits the cost – you can compare this with other garages to see who offers the better deal. The service checklist will detail what checks and reports are carried out, as well as what parts are replaced as standard. If parts are replaced, they should only be replaced by genuine automotive parts that are approved by your vehicle’s manufacturer.

Likewise, a competent, accredited mechanic should be responsible for servicing your car. This should give you confidence that the service checks and any additional work carried out is done to the best professional standards. At Stoneacre all our service technicians are manufacturer trained and DVSA-approved to service and test vehicles to the highest standards of safety and performance.

For more information on servicing at Stoneacre, take a look at our available car service options, including our 67-point check full service, and our 74-point check major service. We also offer approved servicing and repairs for 24 manufacturers, which guarantees the best pair of hands servicing your car.

Spread the cost of your car service with a Stoneacre Service Plan

Did you know you can cover the cost of your car service with a pay monthly service plan? A service plan is an easy and straightforward way to manage car service costs, as well as repair and maintenance work that is required following a service.

Simply contribute each month to your service plan with a direct debit and watch your plan grow month after month. When you come to service your car at Stoneacre, the cost of your service will be deducted from your service plan, plus the cost of any repair work you authorised, too.

A service plan is a great way to manage the cost of your car service and deal with any unexpected bill that you otherwise may struggle to finance. It also helps keep your car in its best working condition, meaning it is safer to drive and will be worth a lot more when you come to sell or part exchange.

Learn more about a Stoneacre service plan and how you can best manage your car service costs.

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