Going Green For Your Children?

27 Oct 2020 by Lisa Simm

A recent survey by Peugeot has found more than half of children are keen for their parents to switch to a more environmentally friendly car.

Children Pushing For Greener Cars

With increasing awareness about the impact we are having on the environment taught in schools, it seems children will be the ones who drive us to pursue a cleaner planet. But it doesn’t just stop at cars. As it seems children are more likely to encourage recycling, favour products with more than one use and want to eat less meat, all to help combat the effects of climate change.

The Results Are In

Peugeot’s survey sampled more than 1,250 children aged seven to 12, as well as their parents and guardians. It found the younger members of the family were trying to influence the buying habits of older family members.

It also discovered 67.8 per cent of children say they believe electric and plug-in hybrid cars are better for the planet. Furthermore, over half of the parents in the survey (55.3 per cent) said their children would like them to own an EV.

Since 72.2 per cent of children also said they were consulted by their parents on purchases, including buying a car and where to go on holiday, it is clear that children can have a remarkable influence on important household decisions.

“It’s great to see the next generation of car buyers so interested in full electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles and to know that they understand the positive impact these vehicles have on the environment. With this in mind, it’s really positive to see through our research how influential children are in the purchase decisions their parents make.”

said David Peel, managing director of Peugeot UK

The results certainly bode well for many manufacturers who are increasing the number of hybrid and electric vehicles in their ranges.

Electric and Hybrid Cars

Peugeot itself already has several electric and hybrid models in its range. This includes the e-208 and e-2008, as well as the plug-in hybrid 3008 and 508. But it intends to offer an electrified option for every model in its range by 2023.

Meanwhile, Volvo has set itself the target of making half of its cars electric by 2025, as well as reducing the life-cycle carbon footprint on each vehicle by 40 per cent by the same year.

Other manufacturers have similarly ambitious plans in place, with the majority of manufacturers available across the Stoneacre network offering a hybrid or fully-electric model within their range.

No Need To Compromise

The good news is that thanks to significant investment there is no need to compromise when it comes to choosing a more environmentally-friendly model.

Initial fears about electric cars range have lessened. In the UK the average round trip commuting distance is less than 25 miles. With many current electric models capable of over 150 miles, you can manage a few days before needing a top-up.

Plus thanks to improvements to charging infrastructure, people are becoming more confident about travelling further afield in their electric car. With some careful planning, you can complete a top-up charge on a long car journey while you stop for lunch.

Furthermore, analysis by UBS suggests that by 2024 electric cars will cost the same to make as internal combustion models. As the price of electric models is still a barrier for some, this is likely to come as good news. It will certainly help to ensure that making the switch is easier.

Are you considering a Hybrid or Electric Vehicle?

So are you considering making the switch to a Hybrid or electric powered car when choosing your next car?

If so, we have a dedicated hybrid/electric car hub you may find useful. It offers a wealth of advice about the vehicles available as well as advice on charging.

If you can’t see yourself in an electric or hybrid model anytime soon, fear not. At Stoneacre, we still offer a fantastic selection of internal combustion models. Plus since many manufacturers have invested heavily in new engine technology, these are now cleaner and greener than ever before.

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Search for your next car

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Meanwhile, for those sitting on the fence, a mild hybrid system might be the way forward. Toyota arguable leads the way when it comes to mild hybrids. Their self-charging hybrid engines deliver a drive experience you’re familiar with, so you can make the switch seamlessly.

Let us know what you think?

Would pressure from your children influence your car buying decision? Or is there something putting you off a hybrid or electric car? We’d love to know your thoughts on the subject, so please leave a comment below.

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