Ford Ranger Refreshed for 2022

22 Feb 2022 by Megan Maxwell

One of the best-selling pick-up trucks in the UK is here with a completely overhauled redesign and revitalised cabin – introducing the fourth-generation Ford Ranger for 2022, with an electric powertrain joining the line-up at a later date.

A British take on an American favourite

Coming into the UK market in 2011, the Ford Ranger has been extremely popular throughout the years. With style nods from Ford’s American-market F-150 large pick-up and Bronco SUV, the new-look Ford Ranger encapsulates a broader stance by adding 50mm to its width, making way for a larger radiator grille which incorporates the Ford badge and new “C-clamp” daytime running lights.

There is also a new tailgate design that has the Ranger name stamped into the metal – iconic and eye-catching.

Meanwhile, the sides of the new Ford Ranger have more pronounced wheel arches, whilst the newly integrated steps on either side of the rear bumper and exterior zone lighting improve access for owners into the load bed. Now available will be LED lights for the first time at both ends.

Ford Ranger Rear

Do we spot a V6 engine?

Practicality is at the heart of this newly developed Ford Ranger – including an onboard measuring ruler and clamps to help tradespeople in their jobs. Likewise, there’s a 400-watt onboard inverter, a flexible cargo dividing system and plastic capping to protect the bodywork. With its extra width, the new Ford Ranger has an increased capacity to accommodate pallets and other materials more easily for drivers.

The Ford Ranger’s current 2.0-litre diesel engine has been kept as a powertrain, remaining architecturally the same but with slight modifications for cooling. There will also be two single-turbocharged variants and a twin-turbocharged one.

What is impressive about the new Ford Ranger is the new 3.0-litre diesel V6 engine that has been added to the line-up. While it has yet to be officially detailed, it will no doubt blow the performance statistics of the current Ranger’s 210bhp and 367 lb ft of torque out of the water.

Ford made the promise that its European commercial vehicle line-up will be zero-emissions-capable by 2024 – therefore, confirming the new Ranger will be available with an electrified drivetrain (although it has no further details on specification or timeframe). So a plug-in hybrid is the most likely format for the Ranger, and various reports suggest it will be based around the 2.3-litre Ecoboost engine.

A shift in gearboxes but a range of trims

Paired to the engines are the new five and six-speed manual gearboxes that will replace the current units. Plus, a revised 10-speed automatic that’s lighter and has tighter ratios to improve towing capability at lower revs.

Additionally, for the first time, the Ranger will have two different versions of four-wheel drive options: a basic system offering manual selection of four-wheel-drive mode and a more advanced, innovative electrified system.

There will also be a range of body types and trims available for customers to choose between, including the Ranger Raptor, whilst the latest SYNC4 infotainment system will be displayed through either a 10 or 12-inch portrait touchscreen. Previously only available in the Raptor, each of the new Ford Ranger’s will feature a fully digital instrument cluster – allowing drivers to customise the information shown to them and can adapt its display to suit all six new driving modes.

Revving up for the Ranger Raptor

Finally, the Ford Ranger Raptor has been revealed, will be the first version of the new fourth-generation Ranger to go on sale in Europe, with deliveries getting underway in late summer 2022.

Ford has swapped the Ford Ranger Raptor’s 2.0-litre turbo diesel engine for a significantly more powerful 3.0-litre petrol V6 and adopted a major redesign influenced by the US-market F-150 Raptor.

The new 3.0-litre twin-turbo petrol V6 puts out 284bhp – a 74bhp upsurge – and 362lb ft in torque. However, Ford has revealed that the current 2.0-litre diesel engine will also be made available in the Raptor from 2023.

The Raptor is also set to get a new electronically controlled two-speed transfer case, a locking differential at the front and rear and a total of seven driving modes, three for the road and four for rough terrain.

Visual improvements incorporate a bespoke grille with the iconic Ford badging, flared wheel arches, 17in alloy wheels wrapped in chunky all-terrain tyres and an arrangement of aero-enhancing styling cues. Inside, the Raptor comes with “jet fighter-inspired”’ seats, orange trim accents and stitching and magnesium paddle shifters.

Pricing will be revealed closer to the release date, with order books opening towards the end of 2022.

Make sure to register your interest soon with Stoneacre, and check out our Rangers we have available now.

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