Best Motability Cars Available in Automatic

Motability vehicles are detrimentally important to the people that use them and with the scheme being so successful and widespread nowadays there is ample choice out there. For some Motability customers that are less physically able an automatic car is a necessity. So we have compiled a helpful list of some of the best Motability cars available in automatic.

Hyundai i20

The Hyundai i20 is one of the more stylish hatchbacks available on the Motability scheme. But unlike a lot of stylish cars, the i20 is very practical for everyday driving, with virtually no blind spots and great economy statistics. The i20 is a great all-rounder with a great turning circle and smooth automatic transmission its a pleasure to drive in suburban and urban settings. But also has enough power to tackle the B-roads and carriageway. All things considered, this is definitely one of the best automatic cars that are currently available on the Motability scheme.


Citroen C4 Aircross

An armoured and edgy looking Citroen C4 Aircross is fun to live with and enjoyable SUV to drive. Not only a good looking vehicle, but the smooth feeling of the Citroen automatic transmission also makes it an effortless drive. The high ride height and exceptionally spacious boot make` the C4 Aircross an ideal car people who may use mobility aids that need storing and transporting. The rugged armour-like protection between the arches protects the underside of the car meaning this vehicle has the ruggedness to tackle some off tough terrain. This is certainly a vehicle to consider if you’re looking for an automatic option on the Motability scheme.


Vauxhall Grandland-X

With a great turning circle for urban and suburban areas and amples of technology the Grandland-X really doesn’t look out of place in the city or town. But where it really shines is in the realm of practicality with assistive technology, such as handsfree boot entry, that isn’t out of place on luxury counterparts. Mechanically reliable the Vauxhall engine in the Grandland-X is almost bulletproof and offers decent economy figures for vehicles in the SUV class. Spacious, intelligent and endlessly practical the Vauxhall Grandland is a great option for anyone looking for an easy to live with automatic Motability car.

Kia Sportage

The award-winning Sportage is one of the leading vehicles in its class. With ample room for all passengers and luggage, it makes an ideal Motability car. In the world of performance, the Kia delivers enough poke to get you up to speed on the carriageways and B-roads and with the option of four-wheel drive for people who live in more rural areas. Taking a step back and you cannot help but notice the exceptional styling of the Sportage, the distinctive front grille and large alloy wheels really compliment the Sportage’s unique body shape this SUV certainly turns head on the street. One to consider when looking for your automatic Motability car.


Peugeot 3008 SUV

A distinctive front end featuring sloped angular headlights, chrome highlights and immersive grille the 3008 SUV has an edgy contemporary look which is sure to turn heads. Peugeot has really worked hard on the automatic transmission in this SUV, providing drivers with a smooth effortless drive but a responsive downshift when it comes to overtaking and speeding up. Being one of the few vehicles on this list that is in fact available as a diesel this car has exceptional economy figures, coupled with the low range pull this engine just rolls over hills and cruises along with little strain. for a motorway cruiser and B road mile muncher, this is one of the best automatic cars on the Motability scheme.


Suzuki Swace

A new edition to the Motability scheme this stylish hybrid estate provides a great daily driver. The combination of petrol and the electric motor in the Swace provides an exceptional driving experience whilst seamlessly switching between powertrains. The estate body shape offers huge amounts of luggage in the boot and comfortable legroom for rear passengers. The sweeping headlight and wide front grille on the Swacfe give it a presence on the road and is sure to turn some heads when cruising through the city. Despite the lower ride height compared the SUV’s on this list, the Swace is surprisingly easy to get in and out off and more than suitable for a Motability vehicle.

Renault Kadjar

With an athletic appeal to it, the Kadjar is prefect for Motability customers who love the sense of adventure. Not looking out of place next to a lake or river this SUV is ready for any adventure but also capable of tackling the city and suburbs with 19-inch alloy wheels and an engaging front end. Packed full of all the latest safety features and technology the Kadjar is a really viable option for an everyday adventure vehicle for people on the Motability scheme. The automatic transmission developed by Renault gives drivers a feeling of ease, effortless changes between gears allowing drivers to concentrate fully on the road ahead.


Toyota RAV4

One of the first sports utility vehicles the RAV4 is not a prestigious name in the SUV market. The complete SUV when you consider all things, the option of two or four-wheel drive and a hybrid drivetrain the RAV4 can combat the town just as well as the rugged green lanes. Toyota is notorious for producing reliable cars and the RAV4 lives up that reputation as you’d expect. It is not till you drive the RAV that you notice the brilliance of the hybrid system in the latest generation of Toyotas. The exterior of the vehicle really gives off a utilitarian look that is both eye-catching but not over the top. A more expensive advanced payment but definitely one of the better options for ann automatic Motability SUV.

Volvo XC40

One of the larger vehicles available on the Motability scheme the XC40 is a stylish high riding SUV. Despite the high ride height, this SUV is a real pleasure to drive and with the help of parking sensors and cameras easy to navigate through urban settings and car parks. Available in four-wheel drive the XC40 can more than handle the countryside and the snow and ice on the cold winter days. The automatic transmission incorporated in the XC40 makes driving an effortless task, selecting the ideal gear for any situation whether it is climbing hills or cruising on the motorway. All things considered, the XC40 is one of the best automatic options available on the Motability scheme.


SEAT Ateca

The bold front grille, edgy headlights and 18-inch- alloy wheels make the Ateca a striking car to look at. But the brilliance doesn’t stop at the exterior, packed full of innovative technology users can enjoy their media safely with Android Auto and Apple Car play integration as well as the 10.25-inch allowing drivers and passengers to control the internal climate and multimedia at the touch of a button. As far as conventionally powered SUV’s go, the Ateca is one of smoothest operators, with very little strain on the engine when climbing hills or cruising at speed. With large cargo space in the boot and generous legroom for front and rear passengers. The Ateca is a great all-round option of an automatic Motability car.