10 Best Motability Cars Available From Nil Deposit

The Motability scheme is excellent for offering consumers a wide variety of choices when securing the perfect car. But sometimes, the vast number of options can become overwhelming. So we have compiled a handy top ten to help cut through the noise and help you make the right choice.

Toyota Corolla – Hybrid

The multi-award-winning hatchback is one of the most decorated cars in its class and in the hybrid category. And its no surprise with Toyota constant improving its styling and being the pioneers of the hybrid drivetrain as we know it. The driving performance of this hatchback could easily be mistaken as conventional with how smooth it switches between petrol and electrical power.


One of the only electric vehicles available from Nil deposit the ZS. It’s an offer that cannot be ignored if you’re looking for an alternatively fuelled vehicle on the Motability scheme. The electric powertrain offers instant power to the front wheels, the result is fantastic driving performance. An all-electric SUV with no advanced payment, if you’re looking for an EV, this is a solid option.

Citroen C4

As far as SUV’s go the Citroen C4 is one of the best all-round performers currently available on the market. And with it being available from Nil Deposit on the Motability scheme its really does stand out on the list of options. The stunning exterior from the sloped roofline and large machine face alloys to the responsive driving performance.

Toyota Yaris – Hybrid

The current winner of the European Car of the year, the new generation Yaris is the best small car Toyota have brought to market to date. available in the stunning bi-tone paint scheme, this hybrid is a real head-turner. Toyota has been the market leaders in hybrid technology and every bit of that technology has gone into making this one of the best driving hybrids on the market, one to be considered.

Suzuki Vitara

Nil deposit SUV’s are a real rarity on the Motability scheme, and one of the most popular SUV’s on the market at the minute is the Vitara. With its utilitarian looks, this Suzuki has a real presence on and off the road with the option of a four-wheel-drive system. This versatile vehicle doesn’t look out of place on a green lane or the centre of town. A great option if you need off-road capabilities.

Hyundai I20

With the bold lines running down the bonnet, sweeping headlight and unorthodox side wing mirror the I20 is undoubtedly one of the best looking Hatchbacks currently available. The four-door model offers great accessibility for the less mobile to travel both front and back in great comfort. with a large boot for a car of this size, this hatchback is really well suited for Motability consumers.

Vauxhall Grandland X

The Grandland X is a real workhorse of an SUV with an almost endless amount of legroom for both front and rear passenger as well as great accessibility. With some of the industries most advanced safety technology, and bold styling you feel a cut above the rest. Although it doesn’t have a class-leading four-wheel drive system like others on this list it still holds its own on some rough terrain. A great all-round performer

Vauxhall Corsa

An iconic hatchback and one of the most popular cars on the road the Vauxhall Corsa is a perfect balance between style and sophistication. The bold lines, sweeping headlights and grille with chrome highlights give the Corsa a real swagger on the road. so if you’re looking for a great looking and fantastic driving hatchback from Nil deposit the iconic Corsa is one to consider.

Renault Clio

Along with the Corsa, the Clio is one of the original hatchbacks on the market. And the generations of development are evident with the latest Clio being one of the most advanced hatchbacks on the market currently. Mixing intelligent multimedia technology with great driving performance, a solid option if you’re looking for a hatchback.

Fiat 500 Hybrid

One of the few hybrids available from nil deposit the Fiat 500 offers Motability customers the benefits of a hybrid drivetrain without the additional cost that is so often associated with alternatively fuelled vehicles. Unlike some of the hybrids on the market, in typical Italian fashion, the Fiat 500 has a breathtaking exterior styling giving owners the benefits of a hybrid without comprising on style.