Learner's Development

At Stoneacre Academy

Being an Apprentice at Stoneacre

As the UK’s first automotive further educational school, we work in line with the Ofsted Education Inspectors Framework. Each apprenticeship and training program curriculum aims to increase Knowledge, Skills and Behaviour. We develop performance to support our apprentices in achieving their career goals.

Young talent is welcomed into the company in the hope they will be instrumental in supporting our plan. This means never having to recruit a manager from outside of the Stoneacre family. We have already promoted young apprentices from only five years ago into managerial positions.

Our staff are rewarded not only financially but with career opportunities to stretch and enhance their capabilities and working lives.

Information, Advice & Guidance

Stoneacre Academy is an employer-provider, offering apprentices across all sectors within Stoneacre Motor Group.

We provide appropriate impartial informational advice and guidance services to potential candidates, current learners, and employees at the initial contact, at recruitment phase, whilst participation on program and on exit from programs.

Our aim is to ensure that all learners, employers, and employees have access to appropriate Information, Advice and Guidance (IAG) to support their educational, occupational and career choices and for any pastoral concerns they may have. To recognise and provide external referral agency support as and when required.

Aims and Objectives of the IAG Provision

To provide impartial information, advice and guidance to potential apprentices, existing learners, employers, and parents which:

  • Results in retention and achievement rates above the national average rate
  • Career for life progression above the national benchmark
  • Progression into higher education and more senior roles