Career Paths & Our Associates

At Stoneacre Academy

Working at Stoneacre

As one of the UK’s largest car dealers, we offer a wide range of job opportunities in our different departments and branches spread across the UK.

We encourage our staff to continuously grow and develop their current skills alongside new ones via a range of learning programs.

As we recognise that our staff are essential to our success, we evaluate our employee’s performance on a regular basis, recognising and rewarding those who exceed expectations.

The local community is very important to us, and we take great pride in supporting our local work forces across the Stoneacre network.

Our core values are:

  • To provide stability of employment, consistent with our ability to compete in our market
  • To continually improve conditions and standards of service to both our employees and customers
  • To maintain high standards of courtesy and service towards our clients and the general public
  • To maintain compliance with all statutory requirements
  • To create and offer all of our staff CAREERS FOR LIFE