What are the benefits of the Motability Scheme?

There are plenty of reasons to claim on the Motability scheme and join more than 600,000 people already benefiting from the use of a mobility car. For many, the scheme represents so much more than just the car they drive. It is a simple and affordable way to stay mobile and can help release a new found sense of freedom and independence.

From travelling to the shops to driving to visit family, a Motability car can help you overcome some of the mobility issues you experience in day-to-day life. And for others, you may be able to manage certain activities without the assistance you currently require.

The scheme is easy to apply for and even more straightforward to manage, with everything taken care of by the Motability charity and a generous 60,000-mile limit on your deal.

Benefits of Motability

Easy to apply

You can apply for the Motability scheme with the help of a Motability dealer like Stoneacre. It’s very easy to apply and all you will need to do is visit a car showroom and complete an application questionnaire with the help of a Motability specialist.

Once you’re driving your Motability car, you don’t need to worry about insurance, tax, maintenance or breakdown, as all this is taken care of by Motability except for consumables like fuel. You don’t even have to worry about how to pay for the car, as Motability are paid directly by the Department for Work and Pensions who deduct the cost from your allowances.

New car every three years

A typical Motability lease deal will last three years. At the end of the deal you can either choose to lease a new car or reinstate your allowances and leave the scheme. If you choose to continue with Motability, you will have the option to choose a new car.

The majority of car brands all offer some models to Motability customers so you have a good selection of cars to choose from and you can change your car regularly if you choose. Across the Motability range, Stoneacre can lease estate cars, hatchbacks, saloons, SUVs and MPVs, so you don't need to compromise on preference when choosing your car.

Free adaptations for your vehicle

Adaptations can be made to all cars on the Motability scheme to help improve their utility to a disabled driver or passenger. The three categories for adaptations are seating and stowage, driving controls and access.

What’s more, Motability offer a range of some basic adaptations at no extra cost. Around 500 different adaptations are available for free, which can be fitted to your car depending on your individual mobility requirements.

Someone else can drive your car

If the individual who requires the use of a Motability car is unable to drive, they nominate up to two drivers who can be insured on the vehicle. The drivers must have permission to drive the car or must be a legal guardian. There are rules however that restrict named drivers being added to the insurance of a Motability car. Read our FAQ page to learn more about the rules for adding drivers to a Motability insurance policy. 

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