What do I need to bring to order a Motability car?

When it comes to applying for Motability and ordering your car, there are few important pieces of documentation you must bring with you to the dealership.

You will firstly need a certificate of entitlement from the Department for Work and Pensions or Veterans UK to prove you are in receipt of the qualifying allowances. Secondly, you will need a document that proves your address. This can be a recent utility bill or bank statement.

If you are adding a named driver to the insurance policy of the car, they will need to be at the dealership and present their full UK driving license. If they are unable to attend on the day, they can alternatively complete a Driver Fair Processing Declaration Form so their details can be legally checked and approved. Read more about adding named drivers to your insurance policy for a Motability vehicle.

Recap – what to bring when ordering your Motability car

1.   Certificate of Entitlement

2.   Proof of address

3.   Any named driver on the policy