Stoneacre Motability FAQs

All About the Motability Scheme

What is Motability?

How does Motability work?

Who is eligible for Motability?

Benefits of Motability

Joining the Motability Scheme

How do I apply for the Motability scheme?

How do I pay for my

Motability car?

Who documents do I need to apply?

How long does it take to get my Motability car?

About Your Motability Car

What adaptations are available for my car?

When can I order my new Motability car?

Can I change my Motability car early?

Can I buy my Motability car after the lease deal?

Drivers on Your Motability Policy

What rules are there for adding people to my insurance?

How much does it cost to add a third driver?

Can I have temporary drivers for my car?

Can a named driver use the car for work?