Brake Pad Guarantee

About the Stoneacre Brake Pad Guarantee

Brake pads are critical components of the braking system of your vehicle. Keeping them in good working order is critical for your safety and that of other drivers. When you press the brake pedal on your vehicle, the friction material on the brake pads is pressed against the brake discs, causing your vehicle to slow or stop. Each time you press your brake, a small quantity of this material wears away, necessitating replacement at some point. 

Both pads wear down with usage, so it's critical to keep track of their condition by having them examined regularly. Other components of the brake system, particularly the brake discs or drums, might get damaged if you delay replacing the pads. It would be unsafe and expensive to drive with worn brake pads.

At Stoneacre, we recognise the importance of braking for your safety. That's why we offer genuine replacement brake pads with a Lifetime Brake Pad Guarantee. Keep your car brake pads in top working order and save some money along the way, all with the Stoneacre brake pad guarantee! We're passionate about keeping your car in good health and making it affordable and hassle-free to do so. We introduced our brake pad guarantee on all brake pads purchased at Stoneacre.

When you buy your brake pads from us, we guarantee to replace your next set for absolutely free (Ts & Cs Apply). You can even transfer your guarantee onto your new car and get all the same perks. Visit any Stoneacre garage to take advantage of this amazing deal, or ask us online to find out more. For more information, you can call us at 01405 744185.

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