Stoneacre Brake Pad Guarantee
Stoneacre Brake Pad Guarantee

Stoneacre Lifetime Brake Pad Guarantee

You might not understand how important your brake pads are, but if you want your car to stop promptly, you need to make sure they’re in good health. Like most car parts, general wear and tear on brake pads mean inevitably, they will need replacing.

We understand most of you don’t want unexpected costs to maintain your car. At Stoneacre, we want to make sure you’re getting the best deal.

We’re passionate about helping you to save money and taking the hassle out of motoring. So when you bring your car to a Stoneacre Service Centre to get your brake pads replaced and fitted by our trained technicians, you get a Stoneacre Lifetime Brake Pad Guarantee!

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That’s right, when you get your brake pads from us, when they need replacing, we will do it for free. Just come to one of our Stoneacre Service Centres and bring your original invoice for your first set of brake pads from us, and we’ll sort out the rest.

Thinking of buying a new car? No problem. Just make sure you transfer the guarantee within 28 days of buying your new car and you get all the same perks.

We have over 45 branches across the UK and you can redeem your brake pad guarantee at any of them. Don’t wait around, get your new brake pads today!

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