Get 'Charged Up' with Stoneacre Renault

Simplify your transition to electric with our 'Charged Up' offer on the All-new Kangoo E-Tech 100% Electric van and 6.9% APR representative*.

No matter if you opt for Contract Hire, Lease Purchase or Hire Purchase, you will benefit from a home charger and installation through Mobilize Power Solutions**. You will also receive a 60k miles/36 months service plan (Hire Purchase/Lease Purchase) OR Carepack Service and maintenance package (Contract Hire)^.

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Mobilize Power Solutions

Mobilize Power Solutions is Renault’s approved electric vehicle charging provider, providing both home and workplace charging for you.

The Mobilize Home Charger has been developed and manufactured in the UK by INDRA Renewable Technologies Limited. It offers advanced, innovative technology to ensure your vehicle is charged ready for your journey, and if you have an off-peak tariff, you can charge your vehicle at the cheapest time.

Its benefits include:

  • A physical home survey: an experienced surveyor will check your home/site electrics and ensure your preferred unit location is suitable.
  • Scheduled charging: enables you to charge in line with your planned journeys and if you have an off-peak tariff, you can schedule your charge at the cheapest time. 
  • Boost: The boost setting will override the scheduled setting to immediately top up your battery and ensure your vehicle is ready to go.
  • Energy Monitor: An easy to use app enables you to input all your vehicle and electricity tariff details so you can track and monitor your energy consumption and costs in real time.
  • Solar matching: If you have solar panels, you can increase self-consumption and reduce your costs, with the ability to use surplus solar output to charge your EV.
  • Over the air updates: Your home charger is automatically updated with the latest updates.