Stoneacre Toyota makes a Deal with a Leading Sustainable Fleet Management Company to Supply its NHS Fleet

Stoneacre Newcastle Silverlink Toyota has recently supplied 30 all-wheel-drive RAV4 hybrid vehicles to NHS Fleet Solutions to facilitate the everyday work of Northumbria Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust’s workers.

Toyota Newcastle’s business manager, Angie Dent, liaised with Phil Cooper, Commercial Team Manager for Fleet Solutions, to find a suitable car that would accommodate NHS workers travelling to patients. With a focus on helping to drive the public sector’s green revolution, it’s important it has the right vehicles in its fleet.

NHS Fleet Solutions are proudly part of the NHS. The company’s sole purpose is to source and supply the best lease car deals for NHS and Public Sector Colleagues; and since launching over 15 years ago, it has provided over 80,000 vehicles all across the country. Recently, it’s seen a huge demand for electric vehicles, in fact, 78.5% of current orders are for full electric (zero-emission vehicles) and ULEVs (ultra-low emission vehicles).

Together, Phil and Angie opted for the new Toyota RAV4 hybrid, an SUV that presents a difference in travel with its self-charging hybrid technology. Additionally, the RAV4’s improved fuel economy and lower emissions make it the perfect choice for the Trust and its staff.

Toyota RAV4

All-Wheel-Drive and Hybrid Ability

The Trust’s NHS professionals need to cover a vast range of areas in the North East. Speaking with Phil, the Toyota RAV4 was the perfect option for the Trust’s fleet because of its all-wheel-drive capabilities paired with its hybrid benefits.

“Northumbria Healthcare provides services for a huge proportion of the North East, including rural Northumberland, so having an all-wheel-drive SUV with the capabilities of the RAV4 is a necessity for carrying out this job – particularly in the coming winter months. This, coupled with an advanced hybrid system, made it quite a straightforward choice.”

The new Toyota RAV4 combines a rigid body with the Toyota New Global Architecture (TNGA) platform, creating a lower centre of gravity for driving on any type of terrain. Not only that, but with its all-wheel drive, NHS workers will be able to reach patients in hard to access locations in some of the most severe weather conditions rural Northumberland has to offer.

The RAV4, meanwhile, incorporates a hybrid system with innovative self-charging aspects. An electric motor joined to a petrol engine, fuel costs are lower, whilst being eco-friendlier to the rural areas of Northumbria that are covered by the Trust. Additionally, the regenerative braking recharges the SUV – meaning the NHS workers using the RAV4 wouldn’t need to stop for a recharge.

Safety Features

The primary use of this new commercial fleet is to ensure that NHS staff can make it to their patients across the North East, regardless of changes to the area.

Phil explained that “these cars will be driven by medical professionals to carry out home visits, but also for transporting patients to and from Trust sites. They also provide vital community support and allow business continuity in adverse weather in the winter months.”

To ensure both the staff and patients are not put at risk, the Toyota RAV4 Hybrid is recognised as very reliable. Recently receiving five stars in the EURO NCAP testing from a large number of safety features within the cars, the RAV4 was a top contender for Phil and Angie.

As a standard element, each car comes with the Toyota Safety Sense 2, which includes: adaptive cruise control with lane departure warning and steering assist; a pre-collision system including pedestrian detection; automatic high beam headlights and road sign recognition.

Therefore, the NHS staff have a sense of security from the RAV4’s safety features, especially when transporting patients, as the car can adapt to any kind of road around the North East.

Toyota RAV4

Dealing with Stoneacre Newcastle Silverlink Toyota

The agreement between Angie and Phil ended up with an acquisition of 30 Toyota RAV4’s to benefit the Trust’s fleet. Further to the discussion, Phil was full of high praise for how well the process went with Angie and the team at Stoneacre Toyota.

“Previously, I have dealt with both Angie and Stoneacre Toyota it has always been a good service, but we have never placed an order of this magnitude before! She has made it an easy process, helping wherever she could and making the whole transaction seamless.”

With the RAV4s all set up and ready with the Trust coverings, we look forward to seeing the cars out on the road transporting some of the workers that have kept this country moving even in the most difficult of times.

On behalf of Stoneacre, we would also like to thank all the NHS staff and Key Workers for their continuous hard work.

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