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How to change wiper blades

Did you know that faulty windscreen wipers are a common MOT fail? To help you ensure you don't get caught out, we've created a guide explaining when, why and how to change wiper blades.

Six benefits of small cars

We explore the benefits of small cars to help you discover whether a small car could be right for your driving needs.

Driving in Europe

Are you planning a European road trip? Check out our comprehensive guide to driving in Europe. It contains all the information you need, from a checklist of all the essentials to pack, to top tips for driving in popular European countries.

Stoneacre KIA Wallasey employee heading for the KIA service advisors skills cup world final

Olivia Dunn from Stoneacre KIA Wallasey has scooped the UK's KIA service advisors skills cup and is heading to the world finals in Korea.

5 Of the Best Standard Hybrid Cars

If you're looking to reduce your emissions but would find charging a plug-in hybrid or electric car impossible - fear not! We've taken a look at some of the best standard hybrid cars currently on the market.

2019 Geneva Motor Show – Highlights

The 2019 Geneva motor show was certainly one for hybrid and electric cars, with many of the main manufacturers (and not so well-known) bringing new electrified metal. We look at our favourites.

Odd Socks In Memory of Paul Beaumont

A member of our Goole branch sadly passed away suddenly in January. To honour his memory, everyone came to work in odd socks for a small donation.

29 Travel Bloggers Choose Their Favourite Road Trips

Everyone loves a road trip, going on an adventure in your car. We asked 29 top travel bloggers about their favourite road trips.

Revolutionary new Peugeot 208 range unveiled

Completely redesigned for a new generation of hatchback, the new Peugeot 208 has been given a revolutionary all-electric version on top of renewed petrol and diesel options.

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