Head Office Charity Car Wash For Autism Plus Thorne

09 Oct 2023 by Megan Maxwell

Where every small effort counts within our current society, Stoneacre’s Head Office made a big splash for a noble cause. On the 28th of September 2023, the Stoneacre Human Resources and Payroll team came together for a heartwarming event – a charity car wash – all in the name of supporting Autism Plus Thorne.

Head Office Charity Car Wash
Sarah Waddington, Head of Stoneacre HR, handing over the cheque to Autism Plus Thorne

The Power of Community

It’s often said that unity is strength, and Stoneacre’s Head Office embodied this sentiment beautifully. Staff from the Head Office HR and Payroll team gathered for a common purpose – to make a positive difference in the lives of those affected by autism.

With 16 staff members setting out to have a team bonding experience, 30 cars were cleaned within eight hours, including some of the directors – all of which contributed to the donations for Autism Plus Thorne.

Autism Plus Thorne: A Lifeline for Families

Charity Car Wash

Autism Plus is a Doncaster-based charity that focuses on empowering and supporting individuals on the autism spectrum and those with other neurological conditions.

They emphasise a person-centred approach, aiming to enhance the lives of their service users by offering a wide range of services, including residential care, employment support, and community engagement.

With a commitment to inclusion and equality, Autism Plus strives to create opportunities for individuals to lead fulfilling and independent lives. Their dedication to improving the well-being and quality of life for people with autism shines through on this informative webpage.

Their commitment to fostering understanding and inclusivity aligns perfectly with Stoneacre’s core values.

Suds, Smiles, and Some Sunshine

The charity car wash event was nothing short of a spectacle. With buckets, sponges, and hoses in hand, our volunteers set to work, transforming the Stoneacre parking lot into a car-washing extravaganza.

The sun might not have smiled down on the event, but there was still a mirror of radiant faces on everyone present.

Fundraising Galore

The response from the Stoneacre Head Office community was overwhelming. Cars lined up, waiting for their turn to shine, but the wait was anything but tedious.

The primary goal of the charity car wash was, of course, to raise funds for Autism Plus Thorne. Speaking to Sarah Waddington, the team were expecting to raise around £300 from the car wash, plus hosting a clothes collection, and selling cakes and sausage rolls.

Car Wash

However, with generous contributions pouring in from every corner, the total amount raised was £1006.30! The money collected during the event promised to make a substantial impact on the charity’s programs and services.

Spreading Awareness

Beyond fundraising, Stoneacre’s charity car wash served as a powerful awareness-raising tool. Many who attended the event had the opportunity to learn more about autism and the challenges faced by individuals and families. This newfound knowledge could lead to greater empathy and understanding in the community.

Stoneacre’s Head Office Charity Car Wash was more than just a fundraising event; it was a statement of inclusivity and support. It conveyed a powerful message to the Thorne community: “We stand with you, and we’re here to make a difference.”

In a world where corporate social responsibility often takes a back seat, Stoneacre’s Head Office set an exemplary standard. The charity car wash for Autism Plus Thorne demonstrated that businesses can be more than just profit-driven entities; they can be pillars of support for their communities.

As the suds and smiles flowed freely on that sunny September day, so did the love and compassion of a caring community. Stoneacre’s Head Office Charity Car Wash was a heartwarming reminder that, together, we can make waves of change for those who need it most, and we all look forward to doing another event in the future.

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