Stoneacre Gets VIP Visitor

23 Nov 2018 by Lisa Simm

Last Friday our Stoneacre head office team were visited by a very special guest Jamie Madarasi. We were delighted to welcome Jamie and his parents to be our VIP visitors for the day.

It all started when our reception team, Gill and Kaitlyn, were contacted by Jamie’s mum asking if it would be possible to get a Stoneacre sticker as her son Jamie who has a form of autism loves anything to do with Stoneacre. The team got in touch with Claire Rooms our Group Academy Manager to see if it would be possible to send Jamie any special goodies. Claire broached the subject with our MD Shaun Foweather who was keen to set up a day to remember for this very special little boy.

So it was all organised that Jamie would come to our head office and spend the day as the MD. Jamie arrived looking every bit the part of managing director in his smart trousers and dapper waistcoat, he certainly gave Mr Foweather a run for his money. 

Jamie, his mum, Katy and dad, Joe were greeted at their car by our showroom hosts. They took them to our reception area where Mr Foweather and Claire were waiting to greet them. The interactive noticeboard in reception had been set up so all the staff knew that we had a new MD for the day!

Once he’d met everyone it was then time for Jamie to hit the training academy and let us know his thoughts on all of our new recruits. Jamie was a hit with the trainees and seemed to love getting involved and having a go on the computers. He even joined one of the regional meetings and delighted the sales managers with his enthusiasm.

Jamie at the training academy

After the busy start, it was time to head to the Stoneacre in-house canteen for a bite to eat. Sharon and the team did a great job of breakfasts. Plus Jamie was lucky enough to meet one of our employees, David, who can play the Stoneacre tune. Armed with a piano app on his phone David delighted Jamie with his rendition of our jingle.

Jamie then got to take a look around our headquarters and met the heads of different aspects of the business including Aftersales Director Gerry George. It was then time to head up to the MD’s office to attend the meeting of the day with Mr Foweather and Stoneacre’s chairman. He was greeted with a bag of specialist goodies which included Shaun’s one of a kind Stoneacre bear, a Stoneacre company tie that had been specially tailored to fit and a Stoneacre name badge. Mr Foweather even presented Jamie with a signed Doncaster Rovers shirt. 

Jamie at stoneacre headquarters

Keen to crack on with the business of the day Jamie then made himself at home in the MD’s chair to participate in the meeting. As a huge fan of our jingle, he enjoyed getting to watch our adverts back-to-back on the computer.

After the meeting, it was time for Jamie to have some fun. We thought what better than a chauffeur-driven experience in the MDs stunning Rolls Royce. After enjoying a short ride it was time for Jamie to head back to the office and enjoy the McDonald’s lunch that was waiting for him. 

Jamie in front of Rolls Royce

With a new MD in place, it’s fair to say that staff were keen to try their luck asking for pay raises and bonuses. But Jamie was a true professional and told them no! He took the whole day in his stride and delighted our employees with his constant smile and enthusiasm. 

We’d like to thank Jamie and his parents for making the journey and coming along to spend the day with us. It was a treat to meet this special family and it is fair to say Jamie made a lasting impression on all of the staff members lucky enough to meet him.

Jamie with his loving pet

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