The first ever Stoneacre Cup

27 Jun 2019 by Lisa Simm

On 4th June, we held our inaugural Stoneacre Cup football competition at the Keepmoat Stadium and we’re pleased to say the day was a huge success. 

Thanks to the support of Bradley Johnston, Community Sport Liaison Officer, we were able to sign up local Primary Schools to get involved with our very first inter-schools Stoneacre sponsored football competition. All the participating teams got a sponsored kit for their team as well as the chance to win cash prizes for their school through the actual football competition and our associated social media contest.

On the day, we were joined at the Keepmoat Stadium by eight budding Primary School football teams keen to take part in the contest. 

The children were given a once in a lifetime experience to play on the same pitch that Doncaster Rovers train and play on. Four smaller pitches were marked out on the main pitch so that there was always four games on the go.

Stoneacre Cup football competition

The mixed boys and girls teams looked fantastic in their Stoneacre sponsored football kits and were raring to go from the minute they arrived at the stadium; which was great as they had a whole day of football ahead. All the players gave it their absolute all right up until the final whistle. 

We witnessed some great football from all the teams, however, there were two clear front forerunners from the off; Saltersgate Junior School and Owston Park Primary Academy. Both were in the running for first until Saltersgate finally secured a couple more wins and safeguarded their position at the top of the table.

2019 Stoneacre Cup mascot

The teams brought plenty of support with them, and the stands were filled with classmates from the participating primary schools as well as parents who had come along to lend their support. From the moment they entered the stands to the time they left, they provided enthusiastic and unwavering support, cheering on their teams. They were particularly enthusiastic when Donny Dog popped in to say hi dancing through the stand of spectators, before making his way onto the pitch to get a better view of the players in action. 

The teams displayed fantastic team spirit and sportsmanship throughout the whole day. All the players shook hands at the end of the games, and all were extremely supportive of each other during the presentation ceremony. 

players at 2019 Stoneacre Cup

Every player was awarded a medal by Managing Director, Shaun Foweather, for taking part. The winning team, Saltersgate Junior School were also awarded the Stoneacre Cup trophy for them to proudly display in school. On top of that, each team got to take home a cash prize for their school.

Prize Breakdown

1st – £600 | 2nd – £400 | 3rd – £250 | 4th – £150 | 5th – £125 | 6th – £100 | 7th – £75 | 8th – £50


1. Saltersgate Junior School

2. Owston Park Primary Academy

3. Town Field Primary School

4. Willow Primary School

5. Richmond Hill Primary Academy

6. Sunnyfields Primary School

7. Travis St Lawrence C of E Primary School

8. Bentley High Street Primary School

winners of 2019 Stoneacre Cup

Social Media Stoneacre Cup Competition

As well as the fantastic on the pitch performances from the children, we also received incredible support from the schools and parents in our social media competition. 

We posted a picture of each team on Facebook and asked people to like, share or comment. The teams who got the most overall engagement i.e., likes, shares or comments won cash prizes ranging from £250 to £100. 

Prize Breakdown

1st – £250 | 2nd – £150 | 3rd – £100


1. Owston Park Primary Academy with over 5,000 engagements

2. Saltersgate Junior School with over 4,500 engagements

3. Sunnyfields Primary School with over 1,800 engagements

See more from the Stoneacre Cup

If you want to see more, then head to our Facebook page where you’ll see loads of pictures and video highlights of the day. 

A short video roundup of the day is also coming soon. It will feature match highlights as well as short interviews conducted by our faces of Stoneacre, Jen and Nicole, with members of the participating teams. 

Stoneacre Cup 2019

Final Note

We’d like to thank all of the staff at Keepmoat stadium for ensuring everything ran smoothly and a massive thanks to all the schools, staff and children who took part or supported on the day, without whom the day wouldn’t have been possible.

Finally, Bradley Johnston deserves a huge thanks for his efforts getting the schools involved and his invaluable help with the running of the day. 

We all had a great day and can’t wait to plan next year’s inter-schools competition. Why not check out our highlights video.

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