Six benefits of small cars

By: Lisa Harper

Small cars are becoming increasingly popular, so we thought we’d take a look at the benefits of owning a small city car. We explore how a small car can be cheaper to own and run, to how safety has improved so extensively that new small cars are now the safest compact cars. 

Six benefits of small cars

1. Easy to park

One of the most obvious benefits of small cars is that they are a doddle to park. You may think this is irrelevant given that many modern cars are available with a range of advanced parking systems that will virtually park the car for you. However, the compact nature of small cars means that they can fit into much smaller spaces than large vehicles. This means with a small car you should be able to find a space sooner, without the seemingly endless circling of the same road, hoping and praying that by some miracle the perfect spot appears. 

What's more, those who are not fortunate enough to have the latest parking systems may be interested to learn that small cars are naturally more responsive when it comes to handling, which means they are easier to manoeuvre into parking spaces.

The other major benefit of small cars is that even in tight spaces you will have space to open your door without hitting any adjacent vehicles. Plus if you’re parking your car in a garage, then you'll have plenty of space around your car for all of your stuff. 

2. Affordability

Small cars are often more affordable for a number of reasons. Firstly smaller cars are generally less to buy initially as manufacturers use fewer materials when making them. On top of that, small cars generally have better fuel economy, as their smaller engines are usually more efficient especially in urban environments. Another benefit of smaller engines is that they generally have lower emissions so can cost less to tax. Finally, insurance is usually cheaper on smaller cars as a result of their lower initial cost price and smaller engines. 

3. Manoeuvrability

Manoeuvrability is better thanks to small cars lower centre of gravity. On top of that, because the car weighs less the steering is quicker to respond. 

While a smaller turning circle means you will need less room to turnaround, so if you do take a wrong turn doing a quick u-turn to set you back on the right path is no issue.

4. Re-sale value

Small cars can have a better resale value than some bigger cars as they appeal to a wide variety of buyers. They are ideal for young and new drivers who need manoeuvrability and affordability but don’t need lots of passenger space. However, their affordability means they also have a good reputation amongst older drivers who are looking to downsize. 

While for those living in cities, small cars are always likely to reign supreme as their lower emissions are a big selling point, as the government tighten city emission targets. 

5. Technology

Gone are the days when small cars lacked the equipment of upmarket saloons. Nowadays one of the benefits of small cars is that they are equipped with a Tardis-like array of technology, so there is never a dull moment on board. 

Many cars are available with Wi-Fi connectivity allowing you to stay connected and access a range of apps on the go. While the development of smartphone mirroring technology means many city cars now offer both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. This allows you to access compatible apps via your cars touchscreen infotainment system display. 

In recent years, many car manufacturers have offered upgraded sound systems which deliver concert-hall acoustics in your vehicle wherever you are heading. 

6. Safety

In the past, it was certainly true that small cars were not as safe as their larger counterparts. This was simply because, before the development of crumple zones, multiple airbags and driver assistance technology, smaller cars contained less metal. This meant the car’s inhabitants were more likely to take at least some of the impact, therefore the risk of injury was higher.

However, nowadays things have moved on substantially with advancements in engineering, improvements in safety and technological advancements allowing manufacturers to significantly enhance the safety of smaller vehicles. The introduction of stringent Euro NCAP testing means that manufacturers now strive to ensure small cars perform just as well as their larger counterparts. This challenge has certainly been met as numerous small city cars have scored highly in testing over recent years.

The use of stronger, lighter materials means that small cars are now far stronger and can withstand greater impacts. While the development of side impact protection has ensured that in the event of a side impact collision the car offers more protection. 

Many new cars now feature driver assistance safety systems which are designed to prevent collisions/accident occurring in the first place. This can include systems like autonomous emergency braking, lane monitoring systems and traffic sign recognition which automatically reads road signs and projects them onto your dash, so you can’t miss them. 

Find a small car that is right for you

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