Christmas Jumper Day at Stoneacre

10 Dec 2021 by Megan Maxwell

Christmas is upon us! It’s time we all dug out those festive jumpers that we say we hate (but secretly absolutely love) and spread some festive cheer.

And that’s exactly what the employees at Stoneacre Head Office have done today for Christmas Jumper Day!

In honour of successfully running into their 10th year, the teams at Stoneacre have worn their Christmas jumpers, in all colours and styles (whilst following Government COVID-19 guidelines).

Not sure where Christmas Jumper Day came from?

Well, Christmas Jumper Day is an event organised by Save the Children, a charity making a difference to children around the globe.

In total, Save the Children have raised £27 million throughout the years by fundraising, such as Christmas Jumper Day. These donations provide children with necessities like food, healthcare and education – setting them up with everything they need to see the wonders in the world.

The day itself couldn’t be simpler – all we have to do is wear our jumpers with pride (socially distanced) and donate £2!

Take a look at our team’s across Head Office getting involved today, we spot some naughty elves…

Let us know if you’ve been wearing yours today, and remember – no Christmas jumper is an ugly Christmas jumper in our eyes.

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