How Hot Weather Can Affect Your Car

By: John Tucker

With temperatures soaring, it’s important to keep as cool and hydrated as possible so you can continue to function. We know how the hot weather affects us, but do you know how the hot weather affects your car?

A continuous period of hot weather can affect your car in many ways, from mild inconveniences to potentially serious damage. To help you prevent any possible damage to your car, we’ve put together this quick list of ways your car can be affected by the hot weather.


Your battery contains a mixture of acid and water. In hot weather, the water will evaporate at a much faster rate. Over time, this can expose the plates which can then become damaged.

As the weather turns colder, this can then result in your battery becoming unable to hold a charge, preventing your car from starting.

You can help to prevent this damage by having your battery checked when you have your car serviced. If your car is due a service, you can book a service online in two quick steps.


It may be obvious, but your tyres are at a greater risk of becoming damaged during periods of hot weather. This is due to the extra stress placed on them when driving on hot road surfaces and the high ambient temperature.

Make sure to check your tyres for any damage to the tyre wall and ensure that the tread depth is above the legal limit of 1.6mm.

If you notice that your tyres appear to be worn or damaged, you can order new tyres online with us and have them fitted at your local Stoneacre service centre.


During hot weather your car is at greater risk of overheating. In order to prevent that from happening, it uses more fluids to keep the engine cool and in good working order.

This may result in fluid levels decreasing at a much higher rate. During periods of hot weather, please make sure to regularly check your oil and coolant levels so that they don’t run too low.

You can simply top these fluid levels up yourself, or you can book your car in for an interim service and oil change and have all your fluid levels checked and topped up by our technicians.

Air Conditioning System

It’s natural to use your car’s air-con system much more often when it’s hot so it’s to be expected that your air-con will need recharging or servicing to ensure that it’s working to its maximum potential.

If you start to notice that your air conditioning isn’t working as well as it should, or there’s a funny smell emanating from it, make sure to take advantage of our Spring Check and have your air conditioning system recharged or serviced.

If you know what to look for during hot weather, you can help prevent any lasting damage to your car. Just as you would care for yourself, make sure your car is well cared for when it’s hot outside!

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