What Happens If You Don’t Service Your Car

16 Feb 2024 by Sam Bisby

Unlike an MOT, servicing your car isn’t compulsory. In theory, you could own a car for ten years and never service it, only putting it through its MOT every year and dealing with any repairs due in order for it to pass.

However, servicing your car isn’t just a way of increasing the chances of your car passing its MOT.

By servicing your car each year, you lower the chances of your car breaking down, keep your warranty valid and reduce the chances of your insurance company refusing to payout in the event of an accident.

What happens if you don’t service your car

What Happens if you don’t service your car?

Is keeping your car regularly serviced really that important? Take a look at what happens in you don’t service your car and decide for yourself.

Breakdowns Increase:

Regular servicing keeps your car working at its optimal level. This ensures that breakdowns are less likely. If you’re not having your car serviced, the chances of breaking down will increase.

Shortened Lifespan:

Keeping your car regularly serviced helps to increase its lifespan. It’s like giving your car a regular health check. If you don’t have your car regularly serviced, your car simply won’t last as long.

Resale Value Drops:

When you come to sell or part-exchange your car, having a full-service history can increase its value and make it more appealing. Gaps in service history will considerably lessen its value.

Invalid Warranties:

New cars have a service schedule that should be followed. If a part fails and your manufacturer sees that you’ve ignored this schedule, they could refuse to cover parts under warranty.

Why is car servicing so important

Increased Emissions:

Servicing your car helps to ensure that engine and exhaust parts are working correctly. Failing to regularly service your car can cause parts to become less efficient and, ultimately, to fail completely – increasing emissions.

Poor Fuel Economy:

Fuel economy is affected by many factors, including engine performance, tyre condition and brake condition. If parts are becoming worn or failing completely, fuel consumption will increase resulting in more costly journeys.

Insurance Claims:

If you needed to make a claim on your insurance, especially if it was a write-off, your insurance provider could take the service history into account when calculating value – possibly leaving you out of pocket.

Put Yourself at Risk:

Perhaps most important of all, not having your car regularly serviced can cause vital parts to fail, which could cause you to have an accident. This puts you, your passengers and other road users at potential risk.

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