Top tips for nervous drivers

03 Oct 2019 by Sam Bisby

Nerves don’t always vanish when you have passed your test- many of us are still anxious behind the wheel, especially on unfamiliar roads or in bad weather. This blog provides you with some top tips to reduce your anxiety while driving.

1. Preparation is key

Make sure you have everything you need in the car before setting off on your journey. Ensure your sat-nav is set up, if necessary, and that you have everything you need for your journey. On particularly chilly days, leave yourself 15 minutes or so to warm up your car and de-ice if needed. Ensure you also keep a close eye on your oil levels and tyre pressure too, so you know your car is safe and ready for driving. Don’t forget to check your fuel levels too! Ensure you have enough to get where you are going and leave time before your journey to fill up if necessary.

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2. Comfort

While behind the wheel, you should be as comfortable as possible whilst also adhering to the law. Make sure your seat is adjusted to a position that supports your body and allows you to have a clear view of the road ahead. Set your A/C or heating levels to your liking before setting off.

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3. Take it steady in new places

Many of us have some nerves when driving in a new place. As mentioned previously, ensure your sat-nav is set up to where you need to be and take it steady- don’t feel pressured to rush. It often helps to set off a bit earlier if you are heading to a new place or taking a different route- this ensures you have time to get to where you need to be without rushing.

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4. Say yes to fresh air and no to caffeine

If you feel yourself getting nervous, then it may help to open a window and get some fresh air. You can even find somewhere to pull up safely if you feel you need to take a break. Avoiding caffeine may also be useful for some, as some studies show that caffeine can cause lapses in a driver’s concentration.

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5. Practise makes perfect!

A great tip for nervous drivers is to practise as much as you can. Get yourself used to different types of roads, junctions and weather conditions. You can even bring someone along for moral support if you like. You will soon grow used to different road conditions and begin to build up your confidence.

driving tips

6. Take the Pass Plus course

The Pass Plus course is an excellent way to boost your confidence as a driver! The course offers practical experience in dealing with driving situations that are often not covered in most driving lessons. Follow the link below to read more about the Pass Plus course…it might also lower your insurance premiums!

driving tips

We hope that these tips will help you or anyone you may know to boost their confidence when driving. Stay safe and enjoy the journey!

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