How To Parallel Park

Parallel parking your car, can for some, be a near-impossible task. Our article aims to provide you with guidance and techniques on how to parallel park to ensure you park like a pro every time. 

1. Parallel Parking

This is often the parking manoeuvre that most people struggle with. Parallel parking requires you to stop and back into a space between two vehicles parked at the side of the road.

A) When you are about to parallel park, ensure the road isn't too busy as this may make it more difficult for you to park. If you do need to parallel park on a busy road then always ensure that you check your mirrors regularly, slow down gradually and indicate to where you are parking so other road users can give you space. Stop next to the vehicle you want to park behind. An ideal distance is around 1 meter from their door to your door. Put your car into reverse and check your mirrors to ensure you are safe to go ahead with the manoeuvre.

B) Reverse until your car is level with the other car. Aim to line up the wing mirrors of your car and their car. Although, remember that cars vary in size quite significantly sometimes so try to park behind a car that is a similar size to yours. 

C) The next step is to turn your steering wheel ONE full turn to the LEFT (not full lock). Ensure that you check your mirrors again for any obstructions. Once the left corner of your car lines up with the other cars rear right corner, it is time to turn your steering wheel full lock to the RIGHT. A good tip is to look in your left mirror, where you will notice a triangle space between the curb and your car. The triangle space should get smaller as you reverse. Once the triangle space has disappeared, then you should steer a FULL LOCK to the RIGHT.

D) As your car begins to straighten up, steer ONE TURN to the LEFT to straighten your wheels up. To ensure your car is straight, you can check your left mirror to make sure the curb is running parallel to your car. If you feel you are still not close enough to the curb, then you should move forward slightly and then reverse, steering to the LEFT and then the RIGHT to straighten up your car.

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