How to Keep Cool in a Car Without Using Air-Con

27 Jul 2021 by Megan Maxwell

As Britain is basking in the heatwave, knowing how to keep cool in a car is extremely important, especially when commuting daily.

The fact that the inside of a car can reach 37°C when outside is 26°C within 10 minutes is terrifying, and using the air conditioning can increase fuel consumption by as much as 10%. Especially when travelling at lower speeds, the AC needs to work harder to cool the car down more quickly, which isn’t practical for any journey.

So instead of using your AC during a car journey, we’ll give the best alternatives to keep cool the inside of a car during the summer.

Use of a windscreen to block the sun from the car.

Windscreen Sunshade

The sunshade is a practical way to protect both the dashboard and the steering wheel of the car from getting too hot to touch.

They’re inexpensive and keep the sun out relatively well enough.

Park Away from the Sun

When parking, be mindful of the location – don’t leave a car in the direct sunlight. Better places include parking in a shade of a building, behind a lorry or a tree.

This way, the car won’t overheat, and you can step in without feeling like it’s a sauna. Also, the area they cover is one of the largest in a car – so blocking out the heat is a lot easier.

Cold drinks to keep hydrated during journeys.

Frozen Water Bottles

This tip is probably one of the cheapest – simply fill a water bottle and freeze it.

Then, wrap it in the towel and put it behind your back to keep cool.

Mini Fan

A mini solar fan is an excellent way to keep cool, as it uses renewable energy, rather than electricity like regular air conditioners. This means you’ll save both money and energy required to run a car AC.

Cold Drinks

If you’re travelling with your pets, having cold drinks on hand is crucial. Always have cold water in a big thermos, so it can stay cool for a few hours.

Also, have a water bowl and regularly top it up during your journey breaks.

A Cooling Towel

These are a specific type of towels that are dry to the touch and are activated with cold water, so works a bit better than your regular towel would.

To get the best use out of it, place it around your neck and voila! The cooling effects last for a few hours.

Leave the Window Open

When you keep all of the windows closed, it will create a greenhouse effect – causing the temperature to keep rising, and the heat has nowhere to escape.

Leaving the windows slightly open is an excellent way to keep the car from overheating.

However, if you’re travelling at a higher speed, for example on a motorway, it’s best to keep the AC on, as the drag that comes with the open windows will decrease your fuel efficiency.

Keep the windows down

So there we have it! Instead of using your car’s air conditioning, we’ve shown you the top alternatives to help save money on fuel costs.

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