Car Insurance Groups – What’s the deal?

11 Feb 2020 by Lisa Simm

Whether you’re buying your first car or looking to change your car, the cost of insurance may impact the car you choose. While there are many variables when it comes to car insurance, one of the most important things to consider is what car insurance group the car you’re looking at falls into.

Car Insurance Groups Explained

So what are car insurance groups? In the UK, every car is allocated a car insurance group. The groups range from Group 1 (the cheapest) to Group 50 (the most expensive).

The group rating a car falls into depends on many factors but generally the more powerful, more expensive and rarer the car, the higher the insurance group. However, group rating is multi-faceted so it is rarely this simple and you’ll find cars that prove the exception to this generalisation.

The rating system is run by a research institution made up of experts from Thatcham, the Association of British Insurers and Lloyds Market Association.

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Factors Affecting UK Car Insurance Groups

There are multiple factors affecting the insurance group a car falls into including:

  • New Car Value:  The price of a new car is taken into consideration by insurance companies.
  • Damage & Parts: The likely extent of damage and price of parts is considered by insurers – lower costs usually result in a lower group rating.
  • Part Prices: 23 common parts are used to compare costings from one manufacturer and model to another helping place the car in a group.
  • Repair Times: Higher repair times equate to higher costs. Vehicles which are complicated to repair are likely to be more expensive and so fall into a higher insurance group.
  • Performance: Generally higher-performing cars pose a higher risk of frequent insurance claims, so both acceleration and top speed are considered by insurers.
  • Safety: Cars with additional safety features such as automatic emergency braking are likely to fall into a lower category than the same model without additional safety features.
  • Security: A more secure car can result in a lower group rating, so look out for features such as alarms, immobilisation and trackers.

These factors also mean that insurance group ratings can vary within the same model depending on the specification/trim you choose.

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How to Find Out What Car Insurance Group Your Car Falls Into?

Finding out what insurance group your car is now relatively easy and usually only requires a quick google. Many websites only require you to input the car registration to be able to give you the exact model and trim group rating.

If you don’t know the registration, you can search a car insurance groups list for the make and model you’re interested in. Just bear in mind you may get a range of groups as it may not be possible to narrow it down to the exact specification depending on what information is available on the list you use. 

Ways to Keep Insurance Costs Down

To keep insurance costs down, it is a good idea to choose a car with a lower group rating. However, car insurance groups are just one factor in determining your premium. Other factors such as the car’s value and age along with your driving experience are also taking into consideration.

Our Top Tips

  • Shop around for car insurance – using car comparison sites is a great place to start
  • Third-party insurance isn’t necessarily cheaper any longer, so get a quote for comprehensive insurance too
  • Increase the excess, but keep it affordable in the event you need to make a claim
  • Work out your annual mileage instead of giving an off-the-cuff estimate – many people over-estimate their mileage
  • Add security features such as an immobiliser and tracker to reduce the risk of theft
  • New drivers may want to consider completing the Pass Plus which can reduce premiums with some companies
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Popular Cars in the Lowest Car Insurance Groups in the UK

The good news is there are plenty of cars available in low insurance groups. Some of the most popular cars available in insurance groups 1-10 include:

Citroen C1, Dacia Logan MCV, Ford Fiesta, Hyundai i10, Nissan Micra and Vauxhall Corsa

Has this article helped you save money on your car insurance? Don’t forget to ket us know in the comments below.

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