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Why can I hear a grinding noise when braking?

Hi, I can hear a weird grinding noise when braking. What could be causing this? Should I have my brakes checked?


Answer from the Stoneacre aftersales team:

Hi Chris, thanks for your question.

If you can hear a grinding noise when braking, it's probably caused by one of two things. If you've noticed a grinding noise coming from your brakes for a while and it's gradually been getting worse, there's a strong chance that your brake pads have become extremely worn and need replacing.

In this case, the grinding noise you can hear is caused by the brake calliper scraping on the brake disc. You will need to bring your car in to your local Stoneacre service centre to have this checked.

On the other hand, if the grinding noise has suddenly started with no prior warning, you may have picked up a stone that has now become caught somewhere in your calliper. The noise will probably get worse at speed or when turning a corner.

You may be able to work the stone loose by manoeuvring your car in a safe place. However, if this doesn't work, you should bring your car to your local Stoneacre garage to have this checked. If it is a stone, it's a simple process to remove it.

If you let the stone remain for a period of time, it can cause greater damage to your braking system, so it's best to have this dealt with as soon as possible.

Hope this helps, Chris. Make sure to book your car in at your local Stoneacre and our technicians will have a look at this for you.