Driving Theory Test

Driving Theory Test

So, you’ve had a few hours learning to drive and you’re ready to tackle the driving theory test? While some may underestimate this ‘first step’ in becoming a fully-licensed driver, the driving theory test can be tough and takes a healthy amount of preparation to pass.

Set by the DVLA, the theory test is completed at your local test centre and is taken in two parts: a multiple choice test and the hazard perception test.

Booking your driving theory test

Going through the official Government website, booking your theory test is a fairly simple process and currently costs £23. It is important to watch out for unofficial websites that offer to book you in for a test; these can often charge more or may even fail to book you in at all.

There’s a chance you already know where your nearest test centre is, but the Government website can help you find it if not.

Ensure that on the day you turn up in good time. If you need to rearrange or cancel your test for whatever reason, this can be done on the website you booked it on, assuming you went through official channels.

Driving Theory Test

Taking the test - multiple choice test

Once you’re ready to start your driving theory test, you’ll be allowed a 15-minute practice session in order to get used to the test’s format. This may also allow you to ease your nerves.

Next up is the real thing. In this first stage you’ll face 50 questions, all of which will have a selection of answers to choose from and you’ll need to get at least 43 correct to pass and 57 minutes to do so. Using the mouse to select your answer, the questions will appear in various formats: single answer questions, multiple-answer questions and case studies.

In a case study question, you’ll be given a hypothetical scenario and you’ll need to answer five questions related to it. Any questions you’re not sure about, you’ll have the ability to ‘flag’ them and come back to them later in the test, so if you get stuck on any use this feature in order to not waste time on those than you can answer.

Driving Theory Test

Hazard perception test

Following the completion of the multiple choice stage, you can either go straight onto the hazard perception test or take a three-minute breather. When you’re ready for this second stage, you’ll be shown a short video that gives you a good idea of how to approach the test.

The basic premise is that you need to tap the screen when you see a developing hazard on the road ahead. This will be something that could become a problem and require you to take action as a driver, such as change speed or direction. More points are awarded the quicker you spot the hazard and touch the screen.

Up to five points are awarded for each hazard and you’ll need at least 44 out of 75 to pass. All but one film shows one hazard, while a single film will show two.

When taking the hazard perception test, it might be tempting to frequently touch the screen to ensure you get the hazard. However, do this and you will be given a warning message and you’ll score no points for that film.

Driving Theory Test

End of the test

You won’t have to wait long before being told your results. If you’re given reason to rejoice and it’s a pass, you’ll be handed a letter with your pass certificate number on it. Naturally this is something to look after, but it is also important for when you do your practical test, as you’ll need that number when booking it.

You’ll have two years to pass your practical test after completing the theory before it becomes invalid and you’ll have to do it all over again. If you happen to lose your letter and certificate number, you can use the Government website to find a lost number.

In the event of failing the driving theory test, all is not lost besides a bit of money and time. You’ll have to wait at least three working days before you can book to do it again and, if you’re looking to get straight back to it, use this time to take more practice theory tests online and bolster your test preparation.

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