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Stoneacre Workshops Reopening - Updated

In accordance with Government Guidelines, we closed all of our businesses on March 24 2020. We have maintained a policy of helping NHS and Emergency Workers throughout the Lockdown, and have maintained Ambulance Fleets for the NHS.

In recent weeks, however, we've been allowed to open up our Workshops gradually and safely - we're now plesed to say that all of our Workshops will be open from Monday June 1 to offer Servicing, MOT & Repair facilities.

To see details of our Workshops - and their respective Social Distancing videos - please Click Here.

These Workshops will have full access to all Technical Support, both from ourselves and our Manufacturer Partners. They can look after any concerns you have to assist you to keep making those essential journeys.

We will prioritise emergencies, and top of the list will always be to support NHS workers and the Emergency Services, so please work with us; we will assist everyone in turn.

To ensure your safety and that of our Colleagues, we are putting in place a number of measures:

We will be operating a timed appointment system to minimize social contact – please attend at the given time.

All sites have made layout changes to ensure that Social Distancing rules are followed. You will find the reception areas are marked out for 2m spacing and we have a ‘no touch’ policy for Documentation and Car Keys.

When you make an appointment, we will send you a link be text or email which will show you the layout in the Dealership and the measures taken to ensure safety.

Keys are only touched with gloved hands and are bagged and sanitized before return to you.

Vehicles in for repair are fully protected with covers (Steering Wheels, Carpets, Seats, Gear Levers, Handbrakes etc). Before your car is returned to you, the interior of your vehicle is sanitised and wiped down with anti-bacterial products. Door handles and external ‘touch’ areas are treated the same.

Waiting areas are socially distanced with 2m spacing.

All ‘touch’ surfaces in the Dealership are cleaned regularly on rota with anti-bacterial products.

Courtesy Vehicles will be limited as we will be deep cleaning and sanitizing vehicles between loans.

Courtesy Lifts will not be available due to Social Distancing rules.

We will only accept Card Payments, and the terminals will be covered with a protective film that is replaced after every transaction.

We are here from Friday May 1 to help you to keep making those essential journeys safely.

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