What is a Clean Air Zone? (CAZ) (2022 Update)

28 Feb 2022 by Rupinder Thandi

Following in the footsteps of London, many councils have decided to introduce a Clean Air Zone scheme to their cities to better the quality of air around us.

Due to the coronavirus, the scheme was halted but will be taking effect this year, in numerous cities across the UK.

Clean Air Zones Live Now 

  • Bath
  • Birmingham
  • London
  • Portsmouth
  • Oxford

Clean Air Zones Coming Soon

  • Bradford – Spring 2022
  • Manchester – 30 May 2022
  • Dundee – 30 May 2022
  • Edinburgh – 31 May 2022
  • Aberdeen – May 2022
  • Bristol – Summer 2022
  • Glasgow – 1 June 2023
  • Sheffield & Newcastle – expected, but date unknown

The general rule is that to travel within a Clean Air Zone without a charge, your vehicle has to be at least a Euro 4 emission standard compliant petrol model – in other words, registered after January 2006 – or, if it is a diesel, compliant with Euro 6 standards (registered after September 2015). If your vehicle meets these standards, in all probability you will not have to pay a charge.

To help understand how this scheme may affect you, Stoneacre has broken down the variables of CAZ.

caz stoneacre

We are happy to assist you along the way if you have any questions. If you were even thinking of changing your car for a lower emissions vehicle, we have created a simple free car valuation service to help give you an idea of how much you could receive in your part exchange.

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