What Does Engine Oil Do?

By: Lisa Harper

As car owners we know we need to change our engine’s oil at regular intervals but what does engine oil actually do?

Engine oil has a number of vital purposes, however essentially engine oil keeps the engine running smoothly. Engines contain many moving parts which have the potential to rub against each other creating friction. This friction can damage parts of the engine and cause them to wear more quickly. If the friction built up then it would dramatically slow down the running of the engine making it less efficient and more likely to break down. Oil lubricates engine parts to reduce friction and help keep the engine running smoothly.

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But that’s not all oil has a number of other functions which include:

  •  Helps to reduce heat build-up within the engine - Heat is produced from the friction of engine parts and excessive heat can cause substantial damage to vital engine components. As oil moves around the engine heat is carried away to cooler parts. This dissipation of heat means that no one area of the engine should become too hot.

  •  Keeps the engine clean - This is vital to keep the engine running at maximum efficiency. Oil picks up debris and dust particles and carries them to the oil filter where they become trapped. This reduces the risk of dirt building up in the engine and causing damage to the engine.

  •  Protects the engine parts from corrosion - One of the additives present within the majority of oils is specifically there to help to reduce oxidation and prevent corrosion.

  •  To help to improve fuel efficiency - The slipperier the engine parts then the less force required to move them so less fuel is used by the engine.

engine oil helps fuel efficiency

So how does engine oil do this?

The majority of modern engine oils on the market are made up of a base oil and a number of additives. The base oils main purpose is to lubricate engine parts reducing friction while the additives stabilise the thickness of oil under varying temperatures, help break down debris within the engine and protect engine parts from corrosion and wear.

Overtime oils ability to fulfil its role deteriorates that’s is why changing your oil is one of the most important aspects of routine vehicle maintenance.

At Stoneacre we carry out both an oil change and oil filter change as standard when you book your car in for an interim service .

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