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24 Apr 2020 by Sam Bisby

We’re now deep into lockdown, the majority staying at home, with many others quickly becoming the nation’s heroes whilst out on the frontline.

We’d just like to offer an update at this point in regards to what Stoneacre is doing to help both its staff and its customers in these strange and worrying days.

As many may know, we have adhered to government guidelines to the fullest, closing the doors to our dealerships, workshops and Head Office at Thorne, to keep both staff and customers safe.

As such, we have taken further measures in order to safeguard the future of the company and its staff as much as possible. We have placed our staff on furlough in order to maximise the personal income of our staff through the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme, as well as to minimise any financial harm to the company as a whole.

We have been able to remain open in certain parts of the Stoneacre network, however, in order to continue to adhere to our ambulance servicing contract, and also help frontline emergency workers stay mobile.

Additionally, to further benefit the security of both our staff and the company as a whole, the Stoneacre directors have all taken the decision not to take any salary whatsoever until the company has returned to profitability.

Shaun Foweather, Managing Director:

“During these very difficult and unprecedented times, we are aware that many of our loyal work colleagues will be concerned for their future.

“Worried how long this will take; worried if they are able to continue paying their bills and look after their families; worried how this will affect their jobs in the future; worried if it will be safe to return to work; and worried how to work upon return to ensure our loyal customers are safe in their dealings with us.

“The directors and senior managers have been working tirelessly over the last few weeks to ensure that all of these concerns are addressed with new working practices ready to be implemented by the end of April, which will ensure the safety of our valued colleagues and customers.”

Hopefully it won’t be too long before we are welcoming all our customers back to Stoneacre dealerships, but of course the priority right now is to stay safe and save lives, so let’s continue to do so. Once again, our thanks go out to all frontline workers.

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