Peace of Mind Motoring Deals

Recent events have made life more uncertain for everybody and we understand people may have reservations about making large purchases. However, a car is essential for most of us these days and something many of us simply can’t manage without. In order to help make things easier for those looking to buy a new car, we’ve got a host of special deals available from some of our class-leading brands.

Alfa Romeo 12 Month Job Protection

You can have the confidence to buy a car you truly love, with Alfa Romeo’s 12-month job loss protection deal. It ensures that if your employment circumstances change in the first 12 months of your contract, your payments will be waived.

So should you lose your job or be unable to work due to a certified illness any scheduled car finance payments will be paid for by Alfa Romeo for up to seven months. This means you can access the car you want with the confidence you need.

To qualify for this fantastic offer you must be off work for at least 30 days before the benefits commence. With the exception of the initial month of enrolment, all waiver payments will be backdated to begin from the date they became necessary, e.g. the date you were made redundant. The offer is only valid for the first year of your finance agreement or until you close your finance agreement if this takes place in the first year.

Citroen’s 123 Deal

If quirky styling and state-of-the-art motoring are at the fore of your needs, then Citroen’s 123 deal is sure to be right up your street.

Designed to get you moving in uncertain times Citroen is offering not one but three deals to help you get behind the wheel of a brand new car:

  1. A £1,000 deposit contribution towards a new Citroen car, in conjunction with any existing Citroen offers.
  2. Two years of free servicing. Citroen recognises the importance of regular servicing and aims to help keep your car running at its best with no cost to you.
  3. 3 months deferred payments so you can access a car when you need to. You can park the payments for the first three months, allowing you to concentrate on other financial commitments.

Dacia – Three Months On Us

With a reputation for outstanding affordability, it’s hardly surprising that Dacia is offering customers a fantastic deal. In fact, Dacia is offering to reimburse the equivalent of three months payments.

Simply choose the Dacia model that is right for you and get your finance in place. Your chosen retailer will multiply the monthly payment by three and reimburse you within one week of handing over the vehicle.

Fiat Job Loss Protection Deals

With a longstanding history in the motoring industry, Fiat understands that unemployment may be a concern when taking on a long-term commitment, especially during this time.

In order to reduce the risk to you, Fiat is offering job loss protection and will waiver payments if you’re made redundant through no fault of your own or are off work due to long-term sickness.

Your car finance payments will be waived completely for up to seven months or until you are re-employed or return to work.

To qualify for Fiat’s incredible deals, you must be off work for at least 30 days and be within your first year of the finance agreement. Payments can be backdated to when they are necessary with the exception of the initial monthly payment.

Ford Upgrade and Save

Ford is offering new buyers complete peace of mind when upgrading to a new Ford. Their Upgrade and Save deal is available on across selected models and bundles three fantastic promotions into one.

With Ford options, you can access 0% APR representative on selected Ford cars. You can also defer the first three monthly payments meaning you have nothing to pay until month four in your contract. This enables you to access the model you want when you need it.

Finally, Ford is offering a £1,000 Upgrade Saving for eligible customers. To qualify for this extra saving you must have owned your current vehicle for at least four months and it must be a Ford vehicle that is four years old or older or be a non-Ford vehicle.

Renault Drive Now Pay Later

With Renault’s Drive Now Pay Later, there has never been a better time to access a new Renault car. To ensure you have full confidence in your purchase Renault is offering three months of deferred payments, no deposit deals and 0% on some of its bestselling models including the Renault Clio, Renault Captur and Renault Kadjar.

With such fantastic deals on offer, you can return to the Renault retailer network safe in the knowledge that they will look after all aspects of your car-buying journey.

To find out more about any of these incredible offers, just get in touch. You can discover your local Stoneacre showroom on our branch page and contact your desired branch directly. Alternatively, you can enquire directly about a particular model car by clicking on the ‘enquire now’ button on the model. We will then get in touch to discuss your options.