Our six favourite car books

05 Sep 2019 by Lisa Simm

Get your motoring fill with our six favourite car books:

Top Gear the Cool 50; The Coolest Cars Ever Made

A great read suitable for all member of the families. Written by Matt Masters a features writer and road tester at Top Gear Magazine, it is clear this is a book from a man who certainly knows a thing or two about cars. Chronologically ordered it documents the very best of car manufacturing from pre-war to future supercars. It features stunning high-quality images alongside informative pieces on each featured model. 

Physics for Gearheads

If you’re a keen petrol head wanting to learn more about how a car performs then this is the book for you. It demonstrates how physics is used by manufacturers to make the most of different types of vehicles. Plus by using a subject you’re genuinely interested in, physics becomes more relatable and fun. It’s sure to delight those yearning to know more about road and racing cars.

The Life of Senna

A must-read for any fan of Formula 1 it documents the life of one of Formula 1’s greatest drivers. Hailed as one of the most comprehensive biographies on Senna, it’s full of little-known facts about this racing legend both on and off the track to fully document the man and not just the driver.

King of the Kustomizers: The Art of George Barris

Discover the creative genius that was George Barris in this definitive work. George Barris was responsible for some of the most iconic car customisations including the Batmobile, Munster Loach, Beverley Hillbillies and DRAG-ULA. 

But ultimately, it was his ability to turn his passion for cars and creativity into a successful business renowned throughout America that was his biggest success and what the book truly aims to celebrate. Be prepared to be astounded at every turn of the page with high-quality images of his striking vehicles.

Million Dollar Classics: The World’s Most Expensive Cars

A pure delight to those who love the finer things in life, this book documents the world’s most expensive cars. Packed with drool-inducing vehicles the elegantly captured pictures are sure to impress even the most discerning. The perfect coffee table book, it acts as the perfect conversation starter and is sure to be loved by old and young alike. 

The British Motor Industry

Highly recommended for British motoring enthusiasts this book charts the rise and fall of the British motor industry. Broken down into different time periods it chronologically tackles the history of various motor companies. But that’s not all, it’s also packed with stories of the lives that the motoring industry has touched. Plus it features excellent photos and illustrations throughout to really bring the stories to life. 

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