Nissan LEAF e+ scores maximum five-star rating in Green NCAP

30 Nov 2021 by Megan Maxwell

The Nissan LEAF e+ has recently passed the extensive Green NCAP assessment by receiving the maximum five-star rating from the independent testing body.

Nissan LEAF e+

For readers who might not be aware of what the Green NCAP covers – they are an independent initiative that promotes the development of cars that are clean, energy-efficient and not harmful to the environment. Embarking on a series of tests in a laboratory from Green NCAPs extensive assessments, data is obtained from vehicles to show what is emitted from the tailpipe.

The LEAF e+ received 10 out of 10 in two out of three categories – Clean Air and Greenhouse Gases – as tests proved its tailpipe produced no pollutants or local emissions alongside its super-efficient powertrain.

Marco Fioravanti, Region Vice President, Product Planning, Nissan AMIEO, said: “Since the model’s launch as the first mass-market electric vehicle in 2010, the Nissan LEAF has made sustainable, zero-emission mobility an attainable reality for hundreds of thousands of customers around the world.”

Regarding the Energy Efficiency Index, Green NCAP awarded the LEAF e+ a 9.9 out of 10. From the report, the battery and electric system are very efficient, although there was a drop off in very cold conditions. “In one of Green NCAP’s four tests rating the vehicle’s efficiency behaviour, the Nissan LEAF e+ exceeded Green NCAP’s lower threshold and scored less than the maximum possible. This test is the WLTC conducted at an ambient temperature of -7°C. However, the energy efficiency index of 9.9 is still close to the maximum score due to the generally low consumption of the battery-electric powertrain.”

Highlighting the clever design of the fully electric 62kWh powertrain, Green NCAP emphasised how effective the Nissan LEAF e-Pedal was towards the rating, since it uses regenerative energy technology.

Nissan LEAF e+ PHEV

The LEAF e+ also provides a better capacity for its drivers via its larger battery. Specifically seen in the Nissan LEAF e+ Tekna range, the Tekna can deliver 239 miles when fully charged and reach 0 to 62mph in 6.9 seconds.

Dave Moss, Region Senior Vice President, Research & Development, Nissan AMIEO, added: “The maximum five-star rating for the LEAF e+ awarded by Green NCAP is a powerful testament to the quality of the product, and the extensive expertise that Nissan has gained throughout a pioneering decade of innovation in electrification.”

As one of Britain’s best-selling 100 per cent electric vehicles, drivers can enhance energy efficiency further with the model’s B Mode and ECO Mode functionalities. Combined to maximise regenerative braking, optimise power output and conserve energy, the Nissan LEAF e+ provides confidence and reassurance on longer journeys.

To read the full report, visit the link here to see more about what Green NCAP have to say about the LEAF e+.

The Nissan LEAF range, including the LEAF e+, is equipped with many innovative features and is the ideal car to introduce drivers into the world of electric driving. Zero emissions while driving is a huge leap into achieving the UK Net Zero Strategy and protecting the planet.

The Nissan LEAF e+ range presents an exciting opportunity for a fun driving experience, so why not try the LEAF e+ for yourself by booking a test drive at a Nissan Stoneacre branch?

Or check out the range for yourself online by using the link below!

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