Honda to Launch 30 EVS by 2030

13 Apr 2022 by Megan Maxwell

The Japanese automaker, Honda, has announced they will launch 30 pure-electric vehicles by 2030. Outlining their shift to electrification, the £31 billion strategy will see the firm aiming to produce more than two million units by the end of the decade.

Honda intends to achieve net carbon neutrality by 2050 but says “a multifaceted and multi-dimensional approach” to electrification is needed, “not a mere replacing of engines with batteries”. This results in the firm declaring that they will build their own electrification architecture and explore new growth opportunities in space exploration, eVOTL, avatar robots, and more.
Looking at the planned EV line-up, there will be two sports cars – a flagship model and a speciality, including the Honda NSX.

To begin their strategy, Honda has plans to introduce EVs tailored for regional markets. In North America, the company is partnering with GM to roll out two new mid-to large-size EVs in 2024. Whereas in China, Honda will introduce 10 new EV models by 2027. And in Japan, Honda will first introduce a commercial-use mini-EV model in the 1-million-yen price range in early 2024. After that, it will roll out personal-use mini-EVs and EV SUVs.

By the mid-2020s, EVs should be more popular, Honda posits. At that point, in 2026, the company will ramp up its production with the adoption of Honda e: Architecture, an EV platform that combines hardware and software. The enhanced connectivity brought by the e:Architecture platform plays a fundamental role in Honda’s forward strategy. The firm said: “Honda positions its electrified products as ‘terminals’ and connects energy and information stored in each product with its users and society.


The first details of the brand’s European EV roll-out were given in March 2022, when Honda confirmed it will launch a Honda HR-V-sized EV SUV in 2023 and is targeting a 40% share of sales for EVs and fuel cell EVs by 2030 in Europe.

In a bid to achieve their goals, Honda has said they will stop the sales of combustion cars globally by 2040. Furthermore, the Japanese firm is set to provide its own solid-state battery technology to market, investing the equivalent of £263m into constructing a demonstration production line, which is planned to be in operation in spring 2024. Likewise, plans to have EVs powered by solid-state batteries on sale in the second half of this decade.

Honda’s electrification initiatives are part of its effort to achieve carbon neutrality “for all products and corporate activities” by 2050. To reach that goal, it said, “a multifaceted and multi-dimensional approach is needed, not a mere replacing of engines with batteries.” It also includes using swappable batteries and hydrogen, the company said.

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