5 TV Car Shows We Couldn’t Live Without

23 Nov 2018 by Lisa Simm

In honour of World Television Day, we thought it was about time we took a look at some of the best car shows on TV. So here you have it, these are the five TV car shows that we couldn’t live without:

Top Gear

Top Gear has enjoyed unprecedented success and became one of the most watched factual shows on the television when presented by Clarkson, Hammond and May. However, despite the well-documented and controversial exit of these three well-known presenters it has continued to be a hit under a host of new presenters, all of whom have managed to bring something fresh to the programme.

Not sure what to expect from the new line-up of Chris Harris, Freddie Flintoff and Paddy McGuiness? We’re not either, but we’re confident this will continue to be a hit-winning show.  

Fifth Gear

Fifth Gear seems to have always existed under the shadow of Top Gear, however, it is a remarkably good show in its own right. Popular with petrol heads it is often considered as a more serious motoring programme. There is a great range of special features and car reviews as well as guest appearances from either professional drivers or celebrities up for a challenge. 

The Grand Tour

Following their departure from Top Gear Clarkson, Hammond and May joined forces with Amazon to produce a brand new motoring show. While it is undeniably familiar to Top Gear in its format and many of its features if you liked the relationship between the three presenters in Top Gear then you’re sure to love The Grand Tour. 

Wheeler Dealer

If you’ve ever considered yourself a budding mechanic capable of making a few extra pounds doing up an old banger then this is the car show for you. Bargain-hunting Mike Brewer goes out in search of a great deal on a car while it is left to mechanic Ant Antstead (formerly Edd China) to do the work. Mike does a good job of traversing the country sourcing parts and documenting the cars history which adds an extra dimension to the show.


Perhaps the most emotional car show to hit our screens.  The team at Car SOS set out to restore a much-loved classic as a surprise for someone who has been unable to do it up themselves, usually due to illness. 

Tim Shaw heads up the programme and is responsible for meeting with the family or friends of the car owner, sourcing original or reproduction parts and getting in disguise ready for a big reveal at the end of the show. While trusty mechanic Fuzz Townshend makes sure the car is brought back to its former glory just in time for the big reveal.

If we’ve missed out your favourite car show then get in touch via Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, don’t forget to #WorldTelevisionDay


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