29 Travel Bloggers Choose Their Favourite Road Trips

26 Apr 2019 by Megan Maxwell

For some, road trips are simply piling the family in the car and going to see family. For others, they are epic journeys that allow you to see new places, share experiences and create memories that last a lifetime.

We thought we would ask the best travel bloggers we could find what their favourite road trips are and why they held such a special place in their hearts.

So grab yourself a cup of tea, sit back and relax as our friends take you around the world on some of the most amazing road trips with stunning scenery and incredible experiences.

Peter Watson, Atlas & Boots

We recently took a road trip through Eswatini (previously Swaziland). We started and finished in South Africa – in Durban and Johannesburg respectively. The driving in SA is fairly straightforward but the roads in Swaziland are certainly more challenging.

There are potholed dirt tracks, modern highways and everything in between. However challenging the driving may be, the rewards are totally worth it: we visited three of Swaziland’s premier game parks on our whistle-stop road trip.

The Kingdom of Eswatini offers some of the best encounters with rhinos in Africa. We saw no less than thirteen of these incredible creatures during our 36-hour foray into the country as well as lions, hippos, countless zebras, giraffes and all manner of antelope. Eswatini may be obscure, but it was one of the best road trips we’ve ever taken.

eswatini road trip

About Atlas & Boots

Founded by photographer Peter Watson and author Kia Abdullah, Atlas & Boots is an outdoor travel blog covering everything from swimming with whales in Tonga to trekking to volcanoes in Vanuatu.

Read more on their blog.

Dave & Deb, The Planet D

We love a road trip! And have had the opportunity to do many. Our favourite was the Dempster Highway in Yukon Canada.

We rented an SUV to drive from Inuvik Northwest Territories to Dawson City Yukon. The highway is as remote as it gets crossing the Arctic Circle. With the connection to the Inuvik-Tuktoyaktuk Highway, it is the only all-weather road connecting to the Arctic Ocean.

This road trip is beautiful going through the Ogilvie and Richardson mountain ranges and the Tombstone Territorial Park. We saw caribou and eagles along the way and many people grizzly bears sauntering along the highway. We didn’t see a grizzly on the road, but we did see a mom and her cubs while travelling the Yukon.

It’s an extraordinary experience to see them in the wild. You can camp on the route or do as we did and stay at the Eagle Plains Hotel near the halfway mark of the road. It’s only 736 km, so it can be easily done in two days, but part of the fun is getting out to go for a hike, spending some time exploring the northern communities along the highway like Fort McPherson and Inuvik and taking in the extraordinary landscape.

Make sure to spend a few days in Dawson City, this Klondike Town is a hoot to visit with saloons and casinos reminiscent of the Gold Rush Days. While there, be sure to try the Sour Toe Cocktail at the Downtown Hotel. It is a shot of whiskey or your spirit of choice with a dead toe in it. Yep, a human dead toe.

The tradition started during the moonshining days of the 1920s when rumrunners Louis Linken stepped in some icy water during a storm and lost his toe to frostbite.

When Captain Dick Stevenson found the amputated toe in 1973, he thought it would be a fun ritual to have patrons order a shot with the toe in their drink. You earn a certificate and everything when you drink the cocktail and let the toe touch your lips.

And that, in a nutshell, describes much of Dawson City. It’s zany, it’s whacky and a whole lot of fun!

The Planet D

About The Planet D

Dave & Deb from The Planet D are the very essence of a happy couple! Travelling together and sharing unforgettable experiences, they discovered their love of travelling in 2008 and haven’t looked back.

Read more about their trip on Dempster Highway in Yukon Canada.

Adam Groffman, Travels of Adam

I’ve had a lot of great road trips! One of my favourites was in Spain through Andalusia—stopping in small towns, practising my Spanish, and a lot of sunshine. Even if I got a parking ticket while travelling, it still stands out as one of my favourite places.

andalusia road trip

About Travels of Adam

Adam has lived in some of the most glamorous cities in the world, settling in New York last year. Follow his adventures on his blog and see how a 15-month trip around the world set him on his path as a travel blogger and how Iceland changed his life.

Read more about Adam’s road trips.

Susanna Scott, A Modern Mother

If I could just do one road trip it would HAVE to be California Highway 1 through Big Sur! PLUS, this August Highway 1 opened all the way through Big Sur from Carmel to Morro Bay. Storms and mudslides forced the iconic road to close for nearly 18 months, but Caltrans worked its magic and re-opened the road two months ahead of schedule.

I was lucky enough to be included in the “Dream Drive” shortly after the reopening. 75+ journalists and influencers (including moi) made the 132-mile journey in a convoy of cars made up of one from each year since 1934 when this stretch of Highway 1 initially opened.

On our drive, we held our breath on the inclines (we made it!), admired the views and stopped a few places along the way including Ventana Big Sur for a fabulous lunch and Hearst Ranch for a bit of wine tasting. 

big sur road trip

About A Modern Mother

The founder of the BritMums influencer network and Mum Blogging pioneer, Susanna has been featured in some of the most influential publications, spoken at conferences and is considered to be one of the most influential travel bloggers in the world.

Read more about Susanna’s road trip on Highway 1 through Big Sur.

Earl Baron, Wandering Earl

The South Island of New Zealand – This is the ultimate road trip in my opinion. With so many options, from Franz Josef Glacier to endless mountains to the Fjordlands and Milford Sound to Lake Wanaka to Aoraki National Park…plus all the beaches, quaint towns, adventure activities and much more, a South Island road trip is hard to beat.

The landscapes are varied and absolutely stunning at all times, the roads are in excellent condition and, given the relatively small size of this island, you can pack a ton of experiences into any period of time.

You’ll also find a wide variety of campsites, cabins, hostels, motels and hotels scattered around everywhere, making it very easy to create the kind of road trip that suits your needs best.

new zealand road trip

About Wandering Earl

Earl has been travelling non-stop around the world since 1999. His site not only documents his adventures but offers great advice and resources.

Read more about Earl’s New Zealand road trip.

Josh McNair, California Through My Lens

My favourite road trip is Pacific Coast Highway along the California coast. This highway has everything from stunning views, waterfalls that fall directly on the sand, massive redwood trees, and great restaurants.

You can do the whole drive over the course of a week, and visit popular California locations like Los Angeles and San Francisco while driving the route. Check it out, it is one of the best road trips I have ever done. 

pacific coast highway road trip

About California Through My Lens

If you’re planning a visit to California then visiting Josh’s website is a must. Having run it with his wife for the last five years, it’s crammed full of information, tips and resources on everything California!

Read more about Josh’s Pacific Coast Highway road trip.

Nora Dunn, The Professional Hobo

One of the most incredible drives in the world I’ve done has been through the Rocky Mountains of Alberta Canada. The Icefields Parkway, in particular, is not to be missed. It pays to take your time; stop off wherever inspiration strikes, and simply enjoy the splendour of these most incredible vistas.

Find an out of the way natural hot spring (like Miette hot springs near Jasper) and soak in the scenery – literally and figuratively. Do a day hike to an epic waterfall or mountaintop. And stop in for a coffee or cocktail at Banff Springs Hotel. Oh! There is so much to see and do! I’m going back. Like, right now!

icefields parkway road trip

About The Professional Hobo

An expert in personal finance as well as travel, Nora has been travelling the world full-time since 2007, visiting 55 countries in that time!

Read more about travelling on a budget.

Vicky, Vicky Flip Flop Travels

My favourite road trip would be the Pacific Coast Highway in California. I’ve been lucky enough to drive it twice – once with friends on the way to Coachella Festival, and once by myself in a Ford Mustang.

The route is just incredible – stunning coastline, beaches, bridges and fauna. There are so many interesting stops on the way too. Make sure to visit Carmel-by-the-Sea a cute seaside village with shops, cafes and restaurants, and of course, Malibu!

pacific coast highway

About Vicky Flip Flop Travels

Vicky is an award-winning travel blogger who specialises in writing about festivals and adventure travel.

Read more about Vicky’s road trip adventures on Vicky Flip Flop Travels blog.

Brenna Holeman, This Battered Suitcase

My favourite road trip is definitely Scotland’s North Coast 500. I was blown away by the beauty of the Scottish Highlands and the variation in the landscape, from the ocean to the mountains, from sunshine to snow.

Dotted with picturesque towns, castle ruins, and Highland cows, it was one of the most photogenic road trips I’ve ever taken. Throw in all the charming pubs that served homemade haggis and Cullen skink, and I’m already planning my next visit to drive the North Coast 500 again.

north coast 500 road trip

About This Battered Suitcase

Brenna is a self-confessed whisky lover. She’s also an ardent traveller, having visited nearly 100 countries in the last 12 years, many as a solo traveller.

Read more for 13 reasons to road trip Scotland’s North Coast 500.

Heather Cowper, Heather on Her Travels

I loved the Canada road trip we took around Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island that started and ended in Halifax. We spent a week touring around the area and although it was all too short we got a wonderful taste of Canada’s Maritime provinces.

We took in the iconic lighthouse at Peggy’s Cove, the fertile vineyards of the Annapolis Valley and went Tidal Bore rafting in the Bay of Fundy. In PEI we drove from lively, foodie Charlottetown into Anne of Green Gable country, taking in the unspoiled sandy beaches and picturesque lighthouses. And of course, everywhere we enjoyed the seafood; the lobster, oysters and scallops were a food lover’s dream.

nova scotia road trip

About Heather on her Travels

Heather is an award-winning travel blogger from Bristol. If you’re a more mature traveller looking for some inspiration and travel experiences with a touch of luxury, her blog is a must-read.

Read more to find things to do in Nova Scotia on a 3-day road trip.

Stefan & Sebastien, Nomadic Boys

One of our favourite road trips was in Florida, going from Miami to Fort Lauderdale on the East coast, then crossing over through the stunning Everglades National Park to the west coast to Orlando for the theme parks.

We then drove down along the west coast passing Tampa Bay – visiting St Petersburg and Tampa, then on to Sarasota and finally down to the Keys, all the way to Key West.

We loved it because not only the scenery is quite stunning, particularly as you cross through each Key, but the west side has some of the most incredible sunsets we’ve ever seen.

florida road trip

About Nomadic Boys

Stefan and Sebastien have been travelling the world together since 2014, documenting their journey and supporting LGBT businesses wherever they can. Their blog is funny, informative and full of personality.

Read more about their gay guide to Fort Lauderdale.

Jarryd & Alesha, NOMADasaurus

The best road trip we have ever been on is exploring the incredible Pamir Highway in Tajikistan, which follows the border of Afghanistan. This rough and rugged road needs a 4×4 to safely navigate it, and the views are absolutely sensational.

The mountains of the Pamirs and the Hindu Kush rise over 7000m and nomadic shepherds wander the valleys tending to their animals. You stay in traditional homestays with local families along the way, meaning you also get a dose of culture as you travel beneath the epic peaks.

tajikistan road trip

About NOMADasaurus

Jarryd & Alesha have been chronicling their travels since 2013 and have turned their blog into Australia’s biggest adventure travel blog, becoming award-winning travel writers in the process.

Read more about their road trip through Tajikistan.

Vicki Garside, Make Time to See the World

My favourite road trip would have to be the drive between Cape Town and Johannesburg which includes South Africa’s famed Garden Route.

From Table Mountain and the wineries of Cape Town, to the Cage Diving in Gansbaai; the Ostrich Farms of Oudtshoorn to the Surf Schools of Jeffreys Bay; and not to mention the beautiful national parks, nature reserves and games parks such as Tsitsikamma, Addo and De Hoop that are either on the Garden route itself or a short distance away.

The landscapes are epic, the towns along the way, delightful and it shows some of the best of what South Africa has to offer.

garden route road trip

About Make Time to See the World

Vicki originally trained as a lawyer, before discovering her true passion and travelling for four years before finally settling in Australia. Some of her experiences are truly amazing and shouldn’t be missed!

Read more about Vicki’s road trip through South Africa’s Garden Route.

Monica Stott, The Travel Hack

My favourite road trip was an epic trip I took around Australia. It took 18 months and I started in Sydney and drove all the way around the coast of the whole country. I did the trip in an old VW campervan and would stop every few months to find work and top up my bank balance.

Australia is such a huge, diverse country so it actually feels like travelling in many different countries. We mostly bypassed the cities pretty quickly and spent most of our time on deserted beaches. I loved the rainforests in the northeast, the white sand beaches on the west coast and the dusty, red vastness of the outback. 

australia road trip

About The Travel Hack

Monica’s blog is all about weekend breaks and affordable adventures. She began travelling in 2009 when she bought a backpack and a one-way ticket to Australia and hasn’t looked back.

You can read more about her epic Australian road trip.

Anna Faustino, Adventure in You

We recently spent 12 days driving around the Czech Republic and it easily became one of our favourite road trips. The scenery along the way and the variety of things to do made the entire experience so unique. While most people tend to only stick to Prague, I highly recommend exploring the cities and towns around it.

A personal favourite during the trip was Bohemian Switzerland where we got to trek up to this mountain for sunrise, walk through lush canyons, and explore national parks with some of the most interesting landscapes in the country. Definitely comes highly recommended! If you’re looking for something different to do, you won’t regret checking out these places to visit in the Czech Republic.

czech republic road trip

About Adventure in You

Anna and Tom are full-time travel bloggers who met each other whilst on solo backpacking trips and simply continued their adventures together. Their blog is full of useful travel information, personal recommendations and inspirational articles.

Read more about places to visit in the Czech Republic.

Annette White, Bucket List Journey

Sometimes driving is the best way to experience a destination, giving you the opportunity to get into the nooks and crannies of a place. This was true off a breath-taking road trip along Nova Scotia’s Cabot Trail. A loose yet adventurous itinerary led me far to Canada’s Northeast, to Cape Breton Island for a drive unlike no other.

The Cabot Trail is a 185-mile driving loop that has picturesque lookout points, miles of hiking trails, lush forests and 360-degree beauty, plus quaint crafty shops, harbours and delectable fish eateries. All the essential ingredients for a great road trip.

cabot trail road trip

About Bucket List Journey

Author, restauranteur, serial adventurer and award-winning blogger, Annette is a fascinating and multitalented businesswoman and an inspiration. Her blog is all about facing fears head-on and making the most of life.

Read more about her road trip through Nova Scotia.

Melo Villareal, Out of Town

Being born and raised in the Philippines. My favourite road trip destination is the Northern Philippines. If you have a car, you just have to head to the North Luzon Expressway and this expressway will link you to various destinations in the Northern Philippines.

With the availability of WAZE, you can easily navigate various destinations using designated exit points. You can explore Pampanga for culinary tours, Pangasinan and La Union for beach escapades, Baguio, Sagada, Banaue for adventure activities.

If you love a scenic drive, you can head to Ilocos Norte via Patapat viaduct and explore Vigan – selected as one of the New 7 Wonders cities.

northern philippines road trip

About Out of Town

Melo started his career in accountancy but soon sought a more fulfilling occupation. Working as a freelance travel photo-journalist, he soon realised that travel was his real passion, focusing on immortalising rituals, festivals, indigenous cultures and local heritage sites around the Philippines and beyond.

Read more about his road trip on the North Luzon Expressway.

Dan James, Dan Flying Solo

The most incredible road trip I’ve ever taken was through Oman, a county so diverse yet compact each day bring new adventures. One morning we would wake up on a beach and take a short stroll to watch turtles lay their eggs and by evening we would be bedding down in the desert next to wild camels.

A four-wheel drive is my recommendation for a road trip through Oman, but the real bonus of visiting Oman is wild camping is legal nearly anywhere. While many people think of Oman as expensive due to the luxury hotels, a tent and vehicle hire won’t set you back much, especially when shared with friends.

A road trip through Oman will take you past rugged coastlines, incredible wildlife, crystal clear waters in sinkholes and tiny villages perched on mountains. Add in the Omani hospitality and you truly have one of the best roads trip adventures in the world!

oman road trip

About Dan Flying Solo

Dan is obsessed with exploring the world and getting lost with a camera in hand. Setting out in 2014, he spent an incredible 1,467 days on the road, capturing all that he experienced and inspiring others to do the same. 

Find out more by reading Dan’s travel guide to Oman.

Victoria Watts Kennedy, Bridges & Balloons

For me, the most iconic road trip in the world is California’s Pacific Coast Highway. The drive down the coast from San Francisco to San Diego is filled endless treats, from towering redwoods to dramatic coastal views and a whole smorgasbord of different cities and towns to explore.

Highlights include the dramatic Big Sur coastline; the wine regions of Sonoma, Santa Barbara and San Luis Opisbo; the 17-mile drive in Monterey; surfing in Santa Cruz; relaxing in La Jolla and soaking in the vibes of Los Angeles.

I also recommend heading inland for a day or two to visit Palm Springs and Joshua Tree. I’ve written a full California road trip itinerary that can help you plan your trip.

california road trip

About Bridges & Balloons

Victoria is a writer, editor and blogger who loves to find special places to explore both at home and abroad. She loves to find places that have a story and loves sharing them with her readers.

Read more about Victoria’s California road trip and itinerary.

James Hills, Man Tripping

I’ve taken a lot of road trips but my favourite was exploring North Dakota in the fall. Not only is North Dakota one of the least visited of the lower 48, but it also has an incredible diversity of beautiful terrain and amazing people. Sadly few people make the trip north to experience it in person.

Our road trip starts in Bismarck, ND where you can find regular flights and good car rental options. From there, we head west with stops at Medora (Teddy Roosevelt National Park), then north to Williston (modern Oil Boom Town), east to Minot (Scandinavian Culture and Minuteman Missile Bunkers), and the International Peace Garden (north of Dunseith, on the US / Canada Border).

Then we head south for some fishing and hiking around Devil’s Lake (one of the largest salt lakes in the US), and Jamestown (world’s largest Buffalo) before returning to the state’s capital in Bismarck.

All along this route are opportunities to experience a different view of what it means to be an American. This is a land full of hardworking Americans far from the power centres on the coast and it is also a journey through time to the ancient west, relics of American western imperialism, remnants of native culture, and an opportunity to experience the impact of global trade and militarism.

This road trip through North Dakota includes some solemn experiences such as visits to nuclear missile silos and historical sites commemorating engagements between native peoples and the United States military but also fun and weird roadside attractions like Salem Sue – the world’s largest Holstein Cow and Dakota Thunder the world’s largest buffalo in Jamestown and one of the last remaining Whirl-a-Whip machines left in America. This machine dating back to the 1950s is a predecessor to the Blizzard ice cream treats and is found inside a vintage drugstore soda fountain in Stanley, North Dakota.

north dakota road trip

 About Man Tripping

James started his men’s lifestyle blog in 2008, focusing on busy men who loved to travel. If you’re a man who loves to travel, exploring new places and culinary delights with friends, perhaps you’ll find your next mancation on James’ blog.

Read more about his North Dakota food tour.

Abigail King, Inside the Travel Lab

Picking a favourite road trip is like picking a favourite country: impossible and an excuse to daydream with abandon.

Was it the crashing surf along Australia’s Great Ocean Road? Or the blossom-scented surf with endangered turtles in Oman?

Did it involve the thrill and fear of driving solo through the Atlas Mountains from Marrakech? Or bringing a baby into the mix and zooming through the waterways of Louisiana?

I love road trips for their chance to explore remote corners and revisit the well-known and perhaps the only way to pick my favourite is to keep on driving until I know. Sounds like the kind of plan I love.


About Inside the Travel Lab

Abigail is an award-winning journalist, broadcaster and speaker who has appeared in National Geographic, Lonely Planet and the BBC, among many more. Her blog looks to make you smile, think, change your perspective and, hopefully, help to make the world a better place.

Read more about driving in Morocco.

Karen Beddow, Mini Travellers

My favourite road trip is the one from San Francisco to Los Angeles. Combining my favourite city in the world (SF) with my best friend in LA it is the perfect trip. There is so much to do on the way down the coats, the roads are easy to navigate and it’s iconic too. You can even persuade the kids that it’s worth it with a Disney trip too.

What more could you want?

San Francisco Bridge

About Mini Travellers

Karen and her family will give anything a go, from mountain tops to beachside resorts and prove that having a young family doesn’t mean you can’t travel and see the world!

Read more about their experience with San Francisco

Jacob Fu, Local Adventurer

Our favourite road trip has been the Oregon Coast. The rugged coast is absolutely stunning and the rainy weather made it even more memorable. There were a lot of short hikes and coastlines to explore that were easily accessible from the main highway. And although there are certain parts that get crowded, a lot of it is still raw nature.

Oregon Coast

About Local Adventurer

Jacob and Esther run this lifestyle blog, which inspires them to move from city to city every year, spending enough time to find hidden gems in each city before moving on to explore the next.

Read more about Jacob’s Oregon coast road trip.

Nick Wharton, Goats on the Road

Our favourite road trip was definitely our 5 week trip across South Africa. What made it so special was not only the breath-taking landscapes and amazing local people we met along the way but also the wilderness.

We found it so peculiar that we could be driving down a perfectly paved, smooth highway one minute, and then we could take an exit and suddenly be in the middle of the African Savanna complete with lions, leopards, elephants and more.

All we had to do was pay an entrance fee to enter a national park and suddenly our little Chevy Spark would be surrounded by the wilderness of Africa. It was exhilarating!

At one point we had 3 full-grown lions so close to our car that we could hear their breath. Yes, a road trip around South Africa is a bucket list experience and a must for adventurous travellers.

South Africa

About Goats on the Road

Nick and Dariece have been travelling for 8 years. Originally from Canada, they realised that a mundane 9 to 5 existence wasn’t for them so sold pretty much everything they owned, set off for Thailand and never looked back.

Read more about South African road trip safety tips.

Lauren Juliff, Never Ending Footsteps

My favourite road trip is a 2,500-mile loop around the main attractions in Namibia. This country is breath-taking, and because it’s so rarely visited, you’ll feel as though you have its desert scenery all to yourself.

Starting from the capital, Windhoek, drive north into Etosha National Park. This game reserve is a fantastic place to spot elephants, giraffes, and rhinos in the wild, and it’s safe and easy to drive yourself from waterhole to waterhole.

Next, head west until you hit the Skeleton Coast — Namibia’s stretch of sand that is scattered with old, decaying shipwrecks. If you drive south from there, you’ll reach Sossusvlei, which is home to some of the largest and oldest sand dunes in the world.

Wandering through the desert at sunrise is one of the most magical things you can do in the country. And finally, there’s Kolmanskop: an eerie abandoned mining town that’s slowly being taken over by the desert.

Not only is Namibia full of other-worldly sights, but it’s also extremely safe, easy to explore independently, and full of friendly locals. This country was made for road-tripping.


About Never Ending Footsteps

Lauren made the brave decision to quit her job, sell everything she owned and buy a one-way ticket in 2011 and it’s proven to be the best decision she ever made. Her blog chronicles her journey from inexperience to a savvy traveller and how mistakes and misfortune along the way transformed her life.

Read more about Lauren’s travel guide to Namibia.

Laurence Norah, Finding the Universe

One of our favourite road trips is the North Coast 500 in Scotland. This runs from Inverness in the Scottish Highlands all around the north coast of Scotland.

It takes in spectacular highland scenery, castles, far-flung white beaches, iron age brochs – basically there’s something for everyone, whether you’re into delicious home-cooked food or hiking across gorgeous landscapes.

The route can be done in as little as three days, but we’d suggest taking around 7 days, and we have a 7 day North Coast 500 itinerary to help folks plan.

Scottish Highlands

About Finding the Universe

Laurence and Jessica are travellers, photographers and writers who have been exploring the world since 2009, together since 2014. They share their thoughts and tips on travelling alongside stunning photos to inspire you to travel the world.

Read more about their itinerary.

Mervin, Pinoy Adventurista

Being someone from a city near the capital city of Manila, my favourite road trip destinations are those near Metro Manila. I love going to my home province of Batangas for a quick weekend getaway and enjoy its many nice beaches and water activities.

During summer months, we love to visit Tagaytay City which offers cool weather, breath-taking views, a ton of amazing activities, and delicious food.


About Pinoy Adventurista

Mervin hails from the Philippines and started his travel blogging journey in 2005, setting himself a challenge to visit all the provinces in the Philippines. He completed his challenge in 2013 and now encourages people to take their first steps in travelling the world.

Read his guide to Tagaytay City.

Dylan, Bohemian Travellers

One of our all-time favourite road trips was a recent trip we took up to Banff National Park in Alberta, Canada. Our trip started down in California so we decided to take the longer route that took us through Arizona, Utah, Colorado, Wyoming, and Montana.

We decided to hit every big national park along the way. To list some of the big ones along the route: Zion, Grand Canyon, Mesa Verde, Grand Teton, and Yellowstone.

In our opinion, these are some of the most gorgeous places to visit in the U.S. And it all leads up to arguably the most beautiful place in all of Canada. I think this route is one of my favourites just because you get to see what nature has to offer.

Banff National Park

About Bohemian Travellers

Leaving the rat race behind 7 years ago, Dylan has been travelling and living with his partner and their three children in Central America, South East Asia and other exotic locations across the world, exploring and growing as a family along the way.

Read about their Banff road trip

Becky, Global Grasshopper

Road trips have always been one of my most favourite ways to travel but one of my favourites was the first time I took my dog away with me too. I drove with my rescue dog Rosa from the UK to France via a ferry and we were instantly transported into a colourful and sun-soaked land filled with chateaux, endless vineyards, divine cuisine (and champagne of course) and beautiful scenery that was so dreamy that at times it almost felt unreal.

My dog also equally loved it and received attention everywhere we went – including a handful of Michelin starred restaurants which she was amazingly allowed into!


About Global Grasshopper

Becky’s love of adventure and travelling started with a six-month backpacking trip around South East Asia and she hasn’t looked back. Her blog is full of inspirational photographs, helpful guides, uplifting stories and an entire section devoted to dog-friendly travel!

Read more about her adventures and get inspired at Global Grasshopper

Well, we hope that has given you some inspiration for your next road trip! Before you set off on your next motoring adventure, don’t forget to book a car service and make sure your car is ready for the journey ahead!

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