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Named Driver Insurance

For many young motorist, being a named driver on one of their parent’s cars is a popular choice taken when first starting out behind the wheel. However, for those with their own policy, adding a named driver or two is also an effective method of bringing down your insurance premium.

Here’s everything you need to know regarding adding a named driver to your insurance policy.

What is named driver insurance?

Let’s assume you have your own car and your own insurance policy where you are the labeled as the main driver; a named driver is adding another name to the policy of someone who from time-to-time will also drive your car.

You can add multiple named drivers to your policy and they will benefit from the same level of cover as yourself, the main driver. These can be added when you set up the policy, but also mid-way through if needs be, albeit usually with an admin charge.

Your insurer will need typical information about each named driver being added to your insurance, including details such as name, age, marital status, address and occupation. Their driving history will also be requested, so expect to need their no claims and driving conviction details.

If you don’t have your own car, and therefore have no insurance policy in your name, then you can become a named driver on someone else’s policy. As a young or new driver, this will most definitely increase the cost of the main driver’s premium, but it will help you cut down the cost of car insurance.

No Claims Discount

How does adding a named driver affect my policy?

Well, the idea when a young or inexperienced motorist puts a named driver or two on their policy is that these drivers have plenty of experience on the road and have a clean license. This is why most young, new drivers will put one or both parents on their policy.

As a result, you should see an immediate dip in cost for your premium. This is because adding these experienced drivers increases the chance of a driver being at the wheel of the car who has already proven to be a competent and safe motorist.

Can I make someone else the main driver on my car’s policy?

In short: no. If you have your own car and you will be one driving it the most, you have to be the main driver on your own policy. While it may be tempting to put a parent as the main driver and yourself as a named driver to save money, this is an illegal practice known as ‘fronting’ and can lead to a criminal conviction and would most certainly leave your insurance void if you had an accident.

This can also be the case if you add a named driver without their permission.

Can named drivers be refused by my insurers?

In effect, yes. Even if the additional driver you’re looking at adding to your policy has many years behind the wheel, any driving convictions and claims may hinder their ability be a named driver on another policy. At the very least, your insurer will likely charge a high rate to add them in order to deter you from adding them.

Can I accrue no claims bonus as a named driver?

If you’re looking to be a named driver on someone else’s policy to gain some experience, it is hard to accrue any no claims bonus along the way. Most insurers will not allow named drivers to gain no claims discount, but a small amount of companies do and it might pay off to have a good look for these when assessing your options.

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