Hyundai Hybrid & Electric Cars

Hyundai Hybrid & Electric Cars

There is a wide range of Hyundai electric and hybrid cars on offer, all available right here at Stoneacre.

Hyundai Hybrid and Electric Cars

Identifying the need for electrified car ranges in its setup, Hyundai laid the foundations by introducing the Ioniq range in 2016.

Through this innovative model, Hyundai offered a trio of variations: a full hybrid, a plug-in hybrid, and a fully electric car.

Today, Hyundai has utilised its knowledge from this offering to create its new dedicated EV line, borrowing the Ioniq moniker in the process. The award-winning Ioniq 5 is the resulting car, and the first in this new dawn of EVs from the South Korean firm.

Hyundai will push forward with future models using the Ioniq name, while in the meantime electrifying existing cars in its range.

The Kona, for instance, now has both hybrid and electric options, while the Tucson and Santa Fe SUVs both offer hybrid opportunities.

See the full range below of hybrid and electric Hyundai vehicles to find the one for you.

Hyundai Hybrid or Hyundai Electric?

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