Our Round-Up of Best Car Blogs

30 Dec 2019 by Megan Maxwell

With so many excellent automotive blogs to choose from, comes great responsibility. We have scoured Google search results to discover the best car blogs. Here’s what we have found:

Motor Verso

Who runs it?

Paul Hadley established the blog in 2013 that has since grown into a successful automotive business.

What is it about?

In the about us section, Paul points out, that the content Motor Verso creates is different from hobbyists & amateurs in the car blog scene. Motor Verso emphasizes striking visuals as one of the essential aspects to the success of the blog, along with in-depth car reviews.

Website: motorverso.com

Here’s a quick Q&A with Paul Hadley, Motor Verso founder:

Q: What inspired you to start the blog?

A: Motor Verso was started simply from a love and appreciation of cars standpoint. I would spend a lot of my time and energy discussing car topics, so why not do it online? Following that I built the website as a hobby and it ran that way for a few years until I start to run the website as a full-time business in 2015.

Q: How do you see Motor Verso developing in the future?

A: Over time we are building a large portfolio of car reviews, we aim to develop this to be as detailed and depth as possible. Each month we have a large audience of people that we assist in helping to decide on there next car purchase and we plan to help many more in the future.

The Car Expert

Who runs it?

Originally from Australia, Stuart Masson created the blog in 2011. He has over a decade of experience in the automotive industry.

What is it about?

It offers expert independent advice on car finance, buying, insurance and more. Car expert also provides ratings for new cars by compiling review scores from relevant media outlets. It also features car news & reviews, and even a forum for car finance related topics. 

Website: thecarexpert.co.uk

Car Throttle

Who runs it?

It was created by University College London student, Adnan Ebrahim, who started the blog in 2009. The premise of the blog was that there was no online platform for young millennials who like cars.

What is it about?

The site was quickly dubbed Buzzfeed for cars. The format is similar to Reddit with user-based content, upvote points & comments section. They also feature news, quizzes, reviews, funny section, a blog & more.

Website: carthrottle.com


Carwitter is a car blog with a focus on a different view, self-described as direct, to the point. The blog focuses on excellent photography, taking photos instead of using generic ones.

Who runs it?

Adam Tudor-Lane, a man who quit his 9-5 job to focus on the blog since winning Business Automotive UK Blog Award in 2018.

What is it about?

You can expect to find news, various car and product reviews from a team of contributors and Adam himself. The blog also has a features section and events coverage, namely, international car launches & motoring events.

Website: carwitter.com


Created in 2010, this cheerful blog is unique with bright website design and quirky use of language. Mainly known for its ‘Waffle & Bunk’ blog posts.

Who runs it?

All of the blog posts are published by the anonymous ‘Gavin Big-Surname’. He writes in the about section that the blog is entirely independent.

“Happy to remain resolutely independent, decidedly niche and utterly unconventional.”

What is it about?

Gavin writes about 60s-90s car reviews, news and general articles about old cars.

Website: petrolblog.com

We’ve also reached out to Gavin to have a quick Q&A about the PetrolBlog:

Q: What inspired you to start the blog?

A: I was inspired by my love of the forgotten, the mundane and the cars nobody else loves. Hardly anyone was writing about these cars back in 2010.

Q: How do you see PetrolBlog developing in the future? 

A: It’s hard to say, but I’d like it to fly the flag for long-form content, while developing its video output.


Who runs it?

Tom Bellingham established the blog back in 2010. It has since been acquired by Torque Esports in 2020. It’s truly impressive because they also have a large social media following so connecting with fans is easier than ever before.

What is it about?

The blog is about F1 news, memes and fun interactive quizzes. It was created to connect with fans who primarily hang out on social media and want more light-hearted content.

Website: wtf1.com

Which car blogs are your favourite? Let us know in the comments!

Take to the Road

Who runs it?

It was launched in 2015 by Niall Julian who is a classic car enthusiast. According to him the love for classic cars and the start of ‘Take to the Road’ was propelled by a 1967 Daimler V8 250.

What is it about?

Niall writes about classic cars and interviews industry leaders, as well as writes helpful & regular product reviews. You’ll also find a comprehensive news section that covers both new and classic vehicles.

Website: taketotheroad.co.uk

We’ve also contacted Niall for a quick Q&A, and he was kind enough to answer, here it is:

Q: Which classic car is your favourite at the moment? 

A: Oh that is a tough one… there’s so many favourites out there and I do have a long long list. But right now I’m fascinated by the Serenissima 308 Jet Competitzione. A very rare Italian supercar from the 1960s. The styling is wonderful and it has a great story. It was commissioned by aristocrat and racing driver Count Giovanni Volpi di Misurata, who inspired the Ferrari 250 GTO Breadvan. He fell out with Enzo Ferrari and decided to build his own car. Only one 308 Jet (plus one open top 308) was built making it a super rare and fascinating car.

Q: How do you think Take to the Road will develop in the future?

A: Take to the Road has been on the road (no pun) for 5 years now, so a lot has happened and changed in that time. The site has grown a lot since the early days and the focus shifted slightly. I see Take to the Road creating more feature focused car content and more hands on reviews of classics.

Green Motor

Who runs it?

Lem Bingley currently runs Green Motor blog which is all about eco-friendly motoring and the latest reviews.

What is it about?

You’ll find in-depth electric, hybrid and plug-in cars reviews complete with high-quality photography. He covers car features, the good, the bad and the price. You’ll also discover the latest EV news.

Website: greenmotor.co.uk

Motor Authority

Who runs it?

Currently, it’s edited by the whole editorial team which is led by Martin Padgett. The website was launched back in 2006 and has since grown to be an objective go-to blog for luxury cars.

What is it about?

It’s all about luxury and performance cars. They also cover major car events that happen worldwide. There’s also a gallery of supercars which is shot by the Motor Authority team coupled with the videos.

Website: motorauthority.com

Car Blog

Who runs it?

The blog is UK-based and run by ‘by people for people who love cars’. You can read more about specific topics they write about down below.

What is it about?

You can expect to find professional new car reviews, car leasing guides, knowledgeable articles about insurance, car safety and driving, as well as manufacturer news and much more.

Website: carblog.co.uk

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