The new Hyundai Santa Fe

Hyundai has re-ignited the new Hyundai Santa Fe, making it more luxurious, more spacious and more advanced, re-defining it to become the very best. Bringing new features to this large seven-seat SUV with upmarket finishes, fresh underpinnings and refreshed styling.

Fresh Underpinnings

A lot has gone into improving the overall performance of the new Santa Fe. It is the first European Hyundai model to move to its ‘third generation’ architecture, which Hyundai claims improves performance while enhancing efficiency and safety.

Other developments include a new ventilation system which improves air movement through the engine bay. This allows heat to dissipate better for increased stability. Handling has also been improved by moving heavy component into the lower chassis to lower the vehicle’s centre of gravity.

Meanwhile, Hyundai has improved on the outgoing model’s dynamic performance, by relocating the steering arms and reinforcing sound and vibration absorption material through the chassis to aid rolling refinement.

The upshot of all these ‘unseen reforms’ is a car that not only drives better but is also more economical.

Hyundai Santa Fe side view

New Power

For many, diesel is still the best option for their driving needs and keen to ensure they fulfil every need the new Santa Fe is offered with an upgraded version of its current 2.2-litre diesel motor. A reshaped camshaft, higher-pressure injection system and switching from a steel to an aluminium block for 19.5% weight loss, have all enhanced its efficiency, making it a more economical choice.

Overall it equates to a rise from 197bhp to 199bhp but with the same 325lb ft torque. With power sent from either the front axle or all four wheels through an eight-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission.

Hybrid Option

As well as conventional combustion the new Hyundai Santa Fe is available with hybrid and plug-in hybrid powertrains for the first time.

The hybrid model mates Hyundai’s new Smartstream 1.6-litre turbocharged four-cylinder petrol engine with a 59bhp electric motor and a 1.49kWh lithium-ion battery to produce 227bhp and 258lb ft of torque. Which is more than enough to power this beasty SUV. The hybrid model offers both front-wheel and four-wheel-drive configurations.

Meanwhile, the four-wheel-drive plug-in hybrid Santa Fe will arrive later in the year. It pairs the same 1.6-litre engine with a 90bhp electric motor for a combined output of 261bhp.

Neither hybrid option will lose out on load space which is a huge plus for family buyers who find the spacious and versatile loading capacity one of the models big draws.

The Smartstream petrol engine utilised by both hybrid options has been designed, just like pretty much everything else on this car, for maximum efficiency. Utilising continuously variable valve duration (CVVD) technology which varies the length of time the inlet and outlet valves remain open, it improves performance by four percent, efficiency by five percent and emissions by 12 percent over the outgoing engine. In addition, the low-pressure exhaust gas recirculation sends burnt gas back to the combustion chamber to cool the engine and reduce carbon emissions.

new Hyundai Santa Fe hybrid engine

Bigger & better

New architecture means that the Santa Fe has grown, if only ever so slightly. It now measures 4,785mm long, 1,900mm wide and 1,685mm wide. This additional space translates on aboard with both passengers and load space benefitting.

Enhancing the rugged yet refined look that has become popular with buyers, the new Hyundai Santa Fe has a bold new look. The wider wheel arches generate the typically robust stance so popular among SUVs. While the aerodynamically optimised alloy wheels not only look fantastic but help to improve performance and enhance efficiency.

The front grille spans the entire width of the car and features a distinctive new 3D mesh pattern. The grille is flanked by unique T-shaped daytime running lights. While a new lower air intake sits in the new skid plate, which is surrounded by vertical side vents which help to improve the look of its upright stance.

At the rear, the new Hyundai Santa Fe features a new reflector bar which stretches between the redesigned brake light clusters and the new lower bumper.

side by side picture of Hyundai Santa Fe showing front and rear aspect

Relax on board

Inside the cabin, the improvements continue with Hyundai opting to improve both comfort and convenience. Soft-touch materials generate a more upmarket feel overall as well as helping enhance driver and passenger wellbeing.

The dashboard has been completely redesigned to offer a 10.25-inch touchscreen infotainment system as standard. While the 12.3-inch digital driver gauge replaces the old and slightly outdated analogue version. The gear selector has also been replaced by a shift-by-wore button arrangement on the floating centre console. Which also features a Rotary Terrain Mode selector which allows you to set the vehicle up for different driving surfaces like sand, snow and mud.

Greater Connectivity

There is a greater focus on connectivity in the new Santa Fe. Hyundai has made it compatible with Hyundai Bluelink software which allows owners to locate their car, check their fuel level or unlock the car remotely via an app. Such impressive functions help to make daily ownership more convenient and hassle-free.

Smartphone mirroring comes as standard allowing you to connect to a range of your favourite apps while on the move. Plus thanks to the wireless phone charger, you never have to worry about draining your battery or missing out.

On top of all of that comes Hyundai Live which delivers up-to-date traffic information as well as handy information on your area like nearby fuel stations. So you can always find your way no matter where you are.

Hyundai Santa Fe interior

Built for a safer commute

As safety is of paramount importance to buyers, Hyundai has packed the new Santa Fe with extensive features. Alongside what are becoming fairly standard features like adaptive cruise control, blindspot collision warning, safe exit assist and lane-following assist are brand new functions. The new highway driving assist function uses sensors and map data to automatically adjust the car’s speed. While the remote smart parking assist can move the Santa Fe out of a parking space without you stepping foot in the car.    

Register your interest

If the outstanding practicality, enhanced connectivity and impressive economy of the new Santa Fe have won you over, why not register your interest with your local Stoneacre Hyundai branch.