Car Lovers Christmas Gift Guide

05 Dec 2019 by Lisa Simm

With just 20 sleeps until Christmas Day, we thought it was high-time we shared our must-have gifts for the car lover in your life.

Armor All Complete Car Care Kit

An absolute must for anyone who loves their car is a decent car cleaning kit, and there’s none better than the Armor All Complete Car Kit. It contains four essentials products for keeping their beloved car in tip-top condition.

  1. The Original Protectant helps keep your vehicle looking as good as the day you bought it. It seamlessly cleans dirt, prevents cracking, fading and discolouration and enhances the vehicle’s colour.
  2. Ultra-shine and Wash is the perfect combination of cleaning agents, surface lubricants and real carnauba wax. This lifts the dirt that causes scratches and swirls, it helps to prevent water beading and enhances the paints radiant colour for a more mirror-like shine.
  3. Tire Foam Protectant is a pioneering tyre cleaning kit which enhances, protects and preserves your tyres natural deep black appearance. The foam activates on contact, floating dirt away without the need for any scrubbing. While conditioners nourish and restore the tyres.
  4. The Glass Wipes have been specially formulated to deliver spotless for amazing clarity and shine. No mark will escape the tough cleaning power offered by these handy wipes.

Meguiar’s Water Magnet Microfiber Drying Towel

No matter how good a car cleaning kit is, if you don’t have the right drying cloth, you risk ending up with drying marks. To alleviate this issue, make sure you also get the ultimate drying towel from Meguiar. It has a plush waffle-like texture which reduces drying time, leaving no streaks or marks. It’s machine washable, so once you’ve finished you can simply stick in the washing machine, dry it and it’s ready to use again.

wooden toy car with foliage on roof

Dyson Car and Boat Vacuum

We know that anyone truly devoted to their car will have strict no food rules in place, but no matter how hard you try, pesky crumbs and dirt always seem to make it in somehow. To ensure your loved one can keep their car spotlessly clean, why not invest in the latest Dyson Car and Boat Vacuum.

Hoovering a car can be a nightmare, but not when you have the right tool for the job, and with the Dyson Car and Boat Vacuum, you get every tool you need. A thin extension hose helps you reach those narrow nooks and crannies, while a motorised brush is ideal for removing pet hair and a stiff brush makes light work of dried-on mud.

Resqme The Original Keychain Car Escape Tool

An inexpensive little stocking filler, this nifty little tool will not only impress the recipient, but it could also help to save their life. Originally developed for emergency services this device can cut a jammed seatbelt and break a side window in the event of an emergency. It is a tiny piece of kit that no-one should be without.

A Supercar Race Experience

The ultimate gift for a car-lover has to be a driving experience in their favourite car. A quick search on google will give you an almost unending list of companies offering different supercar experiences. You can opt for experiences which will allow them to drive on iconic tracks like Silverstone or Germany’s equivalent Nürburgring.

This is an unforgettable experience for both you and the recipient. You’ll have as much fun as them, watching from the side-lines as they tear up the track.

men exchanging christmas gifts

Pre-Order Le Mans 66

Delighting car fanatics and film fans alike, Le Mans 66 is the must-see motoring movie of this year. Unfortunately, it won’t be out on DVD in time for Christmas but you can pre-order it for the car guru in your life.

If you don’t want them to be disappointed come Christmas Day, a good alternative is documentary ‘Steve McQueen: The Man & Le Mans’ which follows Steve McQueen’s life in the world of motorsport.

Book: Clarkson on Cars

Ensuring that your loved one can always get their motoring fix is easy – buy them a car book! We love this book from non-other than motoring enthusiast Jeremy Clarkson. Many of us, will have grown-up with Clarkson’s direct approach and sarcastic humour which has seen him gain a strong following of fans.  This book showcasing his enduring wit by compiling car stories and columns from his journalist days.

Need for Speed Heat – Street Racing Video Game

No car-lovers gift-guide would be complete with at least one racing game, and we think Needs for Speed’s latest offering ‘Heat’ is sure to hit the mark. Set in Miami-inspired fictional local of Palm City, the plot involves taking part in story missions which are unlocked by reaching set thresholds.

The gameplay is split between day and night; day races earn you money while night races help build your rep. Vehicle modelling is good and there are impressive weather effects. You can also choose to play offline on your own, or you can play online and race against others.

If there’s one game to get this Christmas, we don’t think you can go wrong with the EA’s latest Need for Speed.

lady in red dress holding red gifts with a red snow covered toy car

New Car Mats

Replacing worn and grubby car mats is a quick and easy way to revamp the interior of any car. So if you want to get a gift that is both appreciated and useful, care mats are sure to be a win.

At sister site Car Accessories Plus we offer a comprehensive range of manufacturer car mats including fabric car mats and rubber car mats.

Alloy Wheels

Another welcome addition for any car lover is a new set of alloy wheels. Car Accessories stock a variety of different size and style alloy wheels from our leading car manufacturers, why not take a look at the full selection to discover the right option for the car fanatic in your life.

Other ideas

We think we’ve given you plenty of food for thought but if you need any further ideas, then why not head over to Car Accessories Plus. You’ll discover a wide variety of genuine manufacturer car accessories, so whether you are looking for a little stocking filler or a main gift you are sure to find something suitable.

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