Big Pink Day – Our Charity Fundraising Event At The Business Development Centre

15 Oct 2018 by Lisa Simm

Our team at the Business Development Centre had great fun on Friday holding a BIG Pink Party to raise money for Breast Cancer Care; a charity dedicated to providing support to those living with cancer.

The team all donated £5 each to come in non-uniform with the only specification being they had to wear one item of pink. They also got to enjoy a warm drink and cupcake as part of their donation.

Other cakes were also available to buy throughout the day at our bake sale; many of which had been baked by our employees. There was a fantastic selection of treats including tasty cupcakes, so nobody left work hungry on Friday!

Big Pink Day Charity Fundraising Event
Guess the name of the pug game winners
lucky winner of the Guess the Name Of The Pug

Breast Cancer Care – Find Out More

Breast Cancer was founded in 1973 by Betty Westgate, five years following her diagnosis of breast cancer. The aim of the charity was and still is to ensure every person affected by breast cancer gets the very best treatment, information and support available. They work tirelessly to achieve their aims and are always grateful for donations which help to fund their vital work.

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