New Cars


Buying a new car is one of the most exciting purchases a person can make and so needs to be as stress-free as possible to ensure the process remains enjoyable. That’s why at Stoneacre, we make every effort to give you the best new best deals, whilst also taking you through every step of the way to give you complete confidence in buying a new car.


We have over 20 years’ of experience in the motor industry and our manufacturer base has grown exponentially, with us now able to offer new cars for sale from 16 of the world’s top manufacturers. As a result, we can bring you a comprehensive choice when looking for the best new car deals.


At Stoneacre, everyone has an avenue to acquire a new car thanks to our various options. You’ll find packages to choose from such as Hire Purchase which sees you own the car come the end of the contract or the popular Personal Contract Purchase which offers complete flexibility. Buying a new car is a luxury few of us can afford in one go and through our finance options you’ll also be able to choose from new car deals that offer the likes of low payment structures, low deposits or even 0% finance.


There are many benefits to purchasing a new car, prime among them is the ability to tailor the vehicle to your needs; whether that means adding sat-nav and Bluetooth facilities, going for manual over automatic or choosing from an array of colour options, you can make the car truly yours. New cars also benefit from the latest in automotive technology, meaning you’ll be able to take advantage of low emissions, great fuel economy and the best in-car gadgets.


Our staff at all 37 dealerships will be on hand to take you through the details and help discover the right new car for you, while also going through the buying process from start-to-finish if decide to go ahead and treat yourself.