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What does the car with spanner warning light mean on a Vauxhall Corsa?

I have a warning light that looks like a yellow car with a spanner through it displayed on my dashboard.

What does this warning light mean?

Poppy Walker

Answer from the Stoneacre aftersales team:

Hi Poppy,

Thanks for your question.

The Vauxhall Corsa spanner light on the dash is essentially a warning light. It looks like a car with a spanner through it and remains it illuminated when you've started the ignition to signify that your car is due for a service.

In this case, you should book your car in for servicing as soon as possible. However, if it becomes illuminated whilst you're driving, it can indicate a fault which may also cause your Vauxhall Corsa to enter "limp home" mode, lowering its performance to protect the engine from any damage. In any case, you should give our team a call on 01405 744192 for our advice.

You can also book a Vauxhall car service through our website.

Hope this helps!