The Difference Between Car Dealerships

Choosing a new car can be an exciting time, and is an important decision that shouldn't be taken lightly.

Finding the right car dealer, one which can offer security - before, during, and after your car buying journey - carries a lot of weight towards a great experience.

With so many car dealers out there, the choice available to you might feel like too much - but we're here to help anyone in this position understand which is best for them, and why one could be better than the other.

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Franchised Motor Dealer

Franchised car dealers offer the most comprehensive car buying experience, as they work as a direct representative of the world's biggest brands.

You'll find many assurances with a franchised dealer, especially when purchasing a brand new car, as all vehicles have been quality controlled by the manufacturer themself, while all staff at the dealer are trained to manufacturer standards. As a result, all staff have comprehensive knowledge regarding the manufacturers they represent.

When it comes to used cars, many of the vehicles will be of the same manufacturer as the one(s) represented at the dealer, so again, they are all kept to manufacturer standards. Plus, any that meet strict criteria may be fully approved by the marque themselves, giving you extra confidence when looking to buy a pre-owned car.

Additionally, franchised dealers have on-site manufacturer-trained technicians available for any aftercare issues, as well as the latest equipment available to them. These technicians can help with manufacturer servicing, MOTs, and car repairs – everything you need all under one roof.

As a franchised dealership group ourselves, we are able to offer all the advantages of such an establishment, with an extensive range of manufacturers and models to suit your every need. Meanwhile, ensuring we can accommodate for any post-purchase needs to a high standard.

Independent Dealer

While they can still be reputable car dealers by their own standards, an independent car dealer will not be able to match the backing of a franchised dealership.

When using an independent dealer, you should be aware there haven't been any relationships established with any major manufacturers. An independent car dealer will generally only sell used cars from a wide variety of car makers. This brings the benefit of additional choice in some places, but could affect the information and experience you receive, as staff are not required to have specialist training about a specific manufacturer or model.

It should also be mentioned that these types of dealers may not offer you any support if any issues occur once you receive your vehicle. Some makes and models may require specialist tools and technicians to repair them that independent dealerships may not have at their disposal. As a result, you'd need to turn to a franchised dealer to help out.

Car Finance Broker

A car finance broker is a party working on your behalf to get you a great finance deal for you're next car - you tell the broker what you want, and they are responsible for arranging the loan or finance package on your behalf.

Many such entities are standalone companies that will help set you up with your finance deal by working with their panel of lenders, but it's then up to you to find the car at a dealership and go through a separate journey to get your car.

There is also a gap in accountability between who is financing your car and where you purchased it from - for a more secure and seemless buying journey, someone like ourselves can offer a simple and linear process to getting a car on finance.

We are proud to say that we help you obtain a great finance package that is affordable to your needs through our in-house finance team, and then directly connect up the next part of the journey where you can go into one of our dealerships and collect your car.

Representative Example

This represents an average of the deals that our customers receive on other vehicles

Cash Price£19,121.93
Term48 months
Amount of credit£17,855.70
Fixed Interest per annum6.46%
Representative APR11.36%
Total Charge for credit£6,194.43
Final Payment£8,511.57
Option to purchase fee £399.00
Total Amount Payable (Incl. Deposit, charge for credit, final payment & purchase fee)£25,715.36

We are a credit broker and a lender. We can introduce you to a limited number of lenders and their finance products. We will provide details of products available, but no advice or recommendation will be made. You must decide whether the finance product is right for you. We do not charge you a fee for our services. Lenders will pay commission to us (either a fixed fee or a fixed percentage of the amount you borrow) for introducing you to them, this may be calculated in reference to a variable factor such as (but not limited to) the vehicle age, your credit score and the amount you are borrowing. Different lenders may pay different commissions for such introductions.