Toyota Service Plans

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Reliable & Affordable Servicing

Servicing your car regularly is important for keeping it safe to drive and healthy. But we know that your car service can be expensive and at times hard to finance, and we believe that the safety of you and your vehicle shouldn't be a compromise.

Our Toyota service plans are designed to help you manage the cost of servicing your car while making sure that your vehicle receives expert care in the hands of approved Toyota technicians. With a Toyota service plan you purchase a schedule of services for your car that are inline with the recommended service intervals and service requirements of your model, with the option for spreading the cost of your plan across affordable interest-free monthly instalments.

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Toyota Service Plan Benefits

A Toyota service plan is the easiest way to manage the cost of servicing your car and is the most affordable too. From the minute your plan starts, the cost of your servicing is fixed for the duration of the plan. This means you'll know exactly what you'll have to pay and when, with no hidden or unexpected fees.

With our service plans you can choose to pay in full at the start or spread the cost across small, fixed monthly instalments. All instalments are fixed and interest free, so you're protected from inflation and any future price increases. A Toyota service plan also guarantees that your Toyota model is serviced at an approved Toyota service centre, where expert Toyota technicians will service your car to the highest standards.

Create your Toyota service plan

Build your own Toyota service plan in minutes using your vehicle details. Simply enter your registration and mileage to get started!

  • How much does a Toyota service plan cost?

    The cost of your Toyota service plan will depend on how long the plan lasts. The longer the plan the more servicing that will be included and the cost will increase. What's great about a Toyota service plan is the cost is fixed from the start so you'll know exactly what you'll have to pay and when. No hidden or unexpected fees and you're protected from future price increases too.

    Complete the service plan form on this page to get an instant quote for your Toyota model.

  • What's included in my Toyota service plan?

    A Toyota service plan is designed to meet the minimum service requirements of your and includes a schedule of servicing to meet these requirements. Services are scheduled every 10,000 miles or at least every 12 months and will include a series of checks to maintain the safety and performance of your car. Some car parts, like engine ail and filters, will be included in the cost of your service.

  • How long will my Toyota service plan last?

    You can choose the length of your Toyota service plan at the time of purchase. Toyota services are scheduled every 12 months or at least every 10,000 miles for high mileage cars. Your Toyota service plan will last a number of years based on how many services you would like to purchase.

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