[Press Release] What do UK Drivers think about Hybrid Vehicles?

To understand consumer purchasing trends in the automotive industry, Stoneacre Motor Group conducted a survey to discover what UK drivers think about hybrid vehicles.

As the Net Zero initiative develops across the UK, the automotive industry’s outlook has required a new approach to offset the departure of combustion engines by the end of the decade.

Upon the incoming legislation and public anxiety around fuel prices, interest in hybrid vehicles, including Plug-in Hybrid (PHEV) and Self-Charging Hybrid (MHEV), has been rising significantly.

It is estimated that there are around 790,000 PHEVs out on the road, together with newly registered 14,907 MHEV petrol cars and 5,732 MHEV diesel cars in the UK for 2022 alone.

The key purpose for electric or hybrid cars is to lower the level of emissions on the roads. This is more dramatically achieved with full electric vehicles, but hybrids still have their place, especially ones which can run on electric-only power for short journeys.

With all this in mind, Stoneacre Motor Group set out to identify drivers’ perceptions regarding hybrid vehicles, specifically their purchasing opinions and usage.

So, what did we find?

When considering their time frame to purchase a hybrid vehicle, over two-thirds of participants suggested they would contemplate buying a hybrid in under 3 years, signifying that drivers could be willing to adopt a hybrid driving style first before they progress to full electric.

In terms of body types, survey responses indicated that the most popular choice of a hybrid car would be an SUV (48%) and a hatchback (35%), compared to saloons (7.6%), estates (8.4%) or coupe/sports cars (1.4%).

popular hybrid choice suv and hatchback

Meanwhile, a substantial 71% of respondents specified their choice of a hybrid vehicle would purchase a self-charging variant, which could suggest there is a complexity regarding PHEVs or even that 85% of those surveyed did not believe the UK’s charging infrastructure was ready for the influx of electrified vehicles.

However, research has shown there are 32,663 public charge points available across the UK – of which 6,018 are rapid EV chargers – whilst the UK government has promised that improvements to the infrastructure are progressing to meet the deadline before the end of the decade.

Mark Zavagno, Digital Operations Director for Stoneacre Motor Group, insists that the automotive retail sector should further educate drivers regarding hybrid cars in order to cater for what looks to be an upward trend of customer purchases.

Zavagno stated: “it would seem that consumers are trying to adapt their driving to electric, however, deterred by the thought of opting for a plug-in hybrid. As an automotive retailer, we have an obligation to inform and assist drivers with the new trend of electric vehicle sales, therefore it would be beneficial to push educational resources for those looking to make a change”.

Furthermore, 43% of participants in the survey stated they would only be willing to spend between £10,000 to £20,000 on a new hybrid car. The average price for a new hybrid exceeds the price bracket, therefore consumers could be discouraged to adopt hybrid driving if the price ranges are above their expectations.

This should not deter drivers to opt for hybrid vehicles, as we offer a wide range of prices to suit your budget. Make sure to take a look!

*Research conducted on 500 people surveyed in July 2022 by Stoneacre Motor Group

hybrid survey statistics

About Stoneacre Motor Group:

Originally founded in 1994, Stoneacre Motor Group is a family-owned business that has progressively grown to become one of the UK’s top automotive retailers. The company specialises in the sale of new and used cars, vans and motorbikes.

Found in over 40 locations nationwide and offering a network of more than 60 dealerships, Stoneacre represents many of the world’s leading manufacturers, including Toyota, Ford, Volvo, Fiat and Suzuki.

As an extension to the company, the Stoneacre Academy is a fully Ofstead-accredited training body set up to bring the next generation of talent into the automotive retail sector via comprehensive apprenticeships.

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Complete Data:

How soon would you consider buying a hybrid car?

Under 3 Years31262.40%
3-5 Years10721.40%
6-9 Years255.00%

What type of hybrid car would you choose?


How much are you willing to spend on a new hybrid car?

£50,000 +153.00%

Would you prefer to buy a self-charging hybrid or plug-in hybrid car?

Self-charging Hybrid35571.00%
Plug-in Hybrid14529.00%

From a hybrid what kind of fuel economy would you expect?


Do you think the UK charging infrastructure is close to being ready for electrified vehicles?

I don’t know469.20%







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